How to open a special bicycle shop

bicycle sales in recent years has been rising, but mainly in the sports category of the following categories, so the franchisee are more concerned about the number of such bicycles. Specialty bike stores in the market is very popular, if you also want to try to invest, you can take a look at the basic business.

advocate green life, China cycling around 1913 by the European introduction. At that time, bicycles were mainly used as vehicles. From 1930 Pan Deming learned to roll a net cycling around the world, after Vietnam, Kampuchea, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaya, Singapore, America, Canada, Sweden, Cuba and other more than and 40 countries and regions, which lasted more than 7 years to return to China.


can operate in different ages and different style, different levels of consumption needs of the bicycle, such as the elderly like old-fashioned but steady speed car, mountain biking, young people keen on sports, professional racing skills, electric vehicles, fuel bicycle, car, car also have children.

business tips

service content and fine, not only new car sales, can also trade in, offer repair services, and help customers on the license, all in one service.

old available parts are reassembled, and then sell at the bottom.

profit tipsThe new

personalized decoration. The store can be engaged in all kinds of exquisite parts, such as wheels, frame, faucet, shock absorbers, brakes and other small, such as a transparent wrist watch type speedometer, lights, bells, kettle, helmet, so as to attract many young people to buy, and then converted to his car.

can also launch a special service, is to teach Car Buying DIY, assemble their own personalized bike, because it costs less than buying a car, but also can according to personal preferences configuration parts.