Stationery shop location

for the owner of the stationery store, how to choose the location of the stationery store is very important. Because once the site selection is good, the next business model, operating varieties defined accordingly. So, how to choose? These areas can refer to the reference.

one, the first goal is determined in the target market frequented by popular shopping malls, stationery, toys, city, the school dedicated shopping malls.

these areas are generally a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, clean streets, commercial service facilities and not noisy, and the focus of many fashion consumers, mostly young students or young parents, this kind of people advocating individuality and freedom, have very strong consumer demand, love fashion and pop idol. And accept new things quickly, consumption belongs to impulse consumption, the pursuit of stationery style also the pursuit of quality, they are the backbone of the stationery consumer.

two, the target market population density, a large number of residents of the residential area of the underlying business room.

How many places have

built many large-scale special district, according to the current development trend of city planning and construction of residential community, intensified the trend of community shops often can get good results. As long as the taste of the stationery store can cast a good customer, get their identity, then we can have a stable and expanding customer base.

three, street and area gathered by peers.

counterparts gathered in the same area and the same commercial street, this phenomenon is familiar, because customers want to buy cheap products with as little money, they tend to goods than three, using their own stationery products have obvious advantages, rich individual character characteristic and competitive strength etc. enter the inter "simple" values, are often able to quickly and occupy for the target market.

four, schools and other school districts around the area.

students at the age young, vibrant, the stationery brand sensitivity is very sensitive, there are persistent pursuit of stationery, but because of the economic capacity is limited, so it is very sensitive to the price, the market positioning of stationery high quality low price can maximize meet their.

opened a stationery store, to know what is the service population, and then select the site to close to these people as well. In addition, taking into account the burden of their own store rent is how much to consider to find their own shop location.

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