The snack shop unique easier to remember

can play to a proper name, but many people spent a lot of time, but if the name is not unique, naturally it is difficult for consumers to remember that business is hot naturally very difficult. And here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a name, so that we can show that the unique snack shop will be more likely to let everyone remember.

for the first time, the results are not ideal, but not discouraged, decided to venture two times, and decided to do snack business. Since the main battlefield and two entrepreneurs are finalized, the next step is to take a loud name.

is not only good to remember, but also a look to know our uniqueness, it is easy to say. Ten or twenty names, but it is not easy to find to meet the above two conditions. However, Mr. W is very powerful, then add one after the two conditions, the name is also can lead to a story. So, he put forward the Myanmar shop this name.

remember? Shang Shang shop only three words, it is not difficult! Uniqueness? There is a Burmese characters, ordinary people will think of Burma, the country, will not want to be a memorial to the martyrs memorial hall!

story? It is a feeling overflowing speech ah, you search on the Internet in Burma, will see Burma is geographically divided into "Burma" and "Burma", and brother Su LaShio51 years home brand, is also in the so-called "Burma", and even our food will face, and "face" "Burma" and so do not take this name homophonic, when!

just take the "Burma", it looks like a bit like Burma Association, W Jun thought that since we have to open this is no longer a big restaurant but a snack bar, so he put "dian" into "shop"". Here, "Burma," formally identified as our name.

not only that, because the word has the name of "shop", so the name "branch", this is everybody see "Siping" and "Jinzhou", I think the name is "branch" generation, should be numbered. Cool!

As for the

English name, mainly for foreigners to see, so with the BURMAEXPRESS, the first word is now called Burma, but is best known for the call. The word EXPRESS stands for fast, often used to represent fast food restaurants, and the restaurant’s dining patterns are literally different. For this reason, the next time I want to tell you, what is the style of our fast food restaurant?

W Jun sexual love to eat to play, so for the popularity of super high sensitivity, but also because of the knowledgeable, for the characteristics of each country’s food or advantages and disadvantages, can be a glimpse of a