Some suggestions on the selection of entrepreneurs

has chosen to play a very important role in our life, no matter what you choose, you will have to take this choice to bring you everything, including joy and worry. Entrepreneurship is also a choice of projects, the choice of what projects are risky, choose a bad project, you will certainly bear some economic losses, and great loss of heart. So how to choose the right entrepreneurial projects?

The project of

a project to broaden the channels of entrepreneurs, from Internet, library, phone number, Yellow Pages business books, trade publications, friends and acquaintances, competitors, investment and trade fair? P exhibition, Expo, trade and industry associations, research institutions, departments, distributors and wholesalers, patent the relevant departments of the government, real estate brokers get project information from competitors. In addition, contact with some of the entrepreneurs, inspired by the tourism study, small business management and entrepreneurship courses, the one and only get project information, through the improvement of existing products and services, customer complaints more get the original idea of.

select project can not accomplish the whole task at one stroke, heart too anxious to be more rational attitude. A certain time can choose the business a few years or even life management >