Wuhan May land auction market sold 5 billion 983 million 300 thousand of the total turnover of 7

the center of the city, land prices have been high. How many business owners want to have a crush the head of their own on the ground. So, in the face of the city center of the continuous reduction of quality land, what measures should be taken to face such a situation?

5 5, Wuhan soil shoot the market listing of the transfer of the land of the land, of which the price of the transaction, the price of the transaction, the transaction price of 5 yuan, the total turnover of $2, 5 billion 983 million 320 thousand yuan. After 78 rounds of bidding, the natural premium of 118% won the Optics Valley east block; after construction and Baishazhou village plots in December last year, the auction listing sold by the group again, good (000667, shares) in the bag; at the same time, the American financial group to 3 billion 900 million yuan price gains of 27 Binjiang block.

according to the report, the Central Plains real estate as of May 5th, 2016 in Wuhan City, a total turnover of 55 plots, the total net land area of 2 million 840 thousand and 500 square meters, total construction area of 8 million 211 thousand and 500 square meters, the land premium 26 billion 190 million yuan.

at the same time, the threshold of Wuhan real estate is getting higher and higher, the center of the city is also constantly reduce the quality of land. In this context, whether it is a large foreign enterprises or local small and medium enterprises, to get more and more difficult. Therefore, through mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and other forms of land acquisition and project team is also growing.

with the growing market competition, business owners choose a good lot of business is essential to their own business. In the face of "go" situation in the future, mergers and acquisitions and cooperation will continue to appear in the fierce competition in the market.

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