Jewelry shop how to operate and marketing

for the jewelry market, a lot of smart people may be looking forward to see such a big fat bar, but how to transform to run a good jewelry store? Slowly put their stores on track?

and the jewelry store, jewelry store goods by many manufacturers supply, have you Neoglory jewelry store, I shop there are people with Neoglory jewelry, with a Neoglory jewelry asking you: why people have 100, and you sold 120 pieces?


but jewelry stores but with leather shoes clothing store image, pay attention to the image of the store, from the goods, from the home into the goods, all replaced by the crystal beauty. The new decoration sector in the popular U.S. packaging, packaging, packaging Ya Ya Han City, new packaging, desalination production the brand, strengthen the retail brand, and do it like a decent model, that is, "wolf", but consumers believe this.

see whose skin is good-looking? To see who the eye-catching skin? Look who’s skin is more upscale?

in the logo design industry, black represents a "timeless"; for the artist, black is the most attractive color; in the fashion world is never black * * color; many high-end brands such as Adidas, IBM, SONY, Daphne, OLAY, Parker, but chose black and white; the general enterprise in CI design as far as possible not to use black, black in the CI design is quite difficult; black represents the mysterious, noble, rebellious, is a very difficult to control the use of black color; challenge;