How to join the woman like dumplings the whole of self help

dumplings are also joined, yes, this is the favorite to join the dumpling dumpling project. This is a unique dumpling shop. To understand the brand under the same might as well, look at the following Xiaobian do a brief introduction:

Xinghai District of Haicheng City Po hi to buffet dumplings, Po hi to catering Co. Ltd. was established in May 2016, is a traditional delicacy China dumplings, fusion buffet concept, is committed to the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management, brand internationalization of Chinese fast-food chain enterprises. The company has developed a number of stores. We are healthy food, stable quality, convenient meals. Unique taste, since its inception has been loved by the majority of customers.

how to join the Hei hei to self-help dumplings

"woman" (parents, mother, wife, a woman) have a warm home, Po is the core of each family love, "woman" word meaning the woman wishes to hi to all customers and family: every person, every family happy, wealthy life, group round and round. "A woman like a pack of boiled soup dumplings, read my".

hi to self-help dumplings in the future will continue to give the new meaning of the dumplings, will continue to pursue excellence, inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese food culture, the woman to do good, bigger and stronger. So how do you like to join the dumplings?

likes to come to join the self-help dumpling conditions

1, love and love the industry, have long-term development in the industry.

2, with food and beverage business management awareness, to -time management, participation in management.

3, with a certain economic base.

4, the identity of the company to enjoy the food chain Co., Ltd. corporate culture, management module, business philosophy.

5, familiar with the food and beverage market, the consumption level and the population base.

6, accept and comply with the management and supervision of food chain Co., ltd..

likes to come home to join the dumpling process:

1, preliminary communication

2, headquarters visits

3, two communication

4, signed a cooperation intention

5, market research assessment