Shop business may wish to send gifts to customers

gift is not uncommon in China, but as a shopkeeper, giving the customer a gift that seems a little strange, but in fact it can also become a business strategy shop. Since the beginning of the supermarket business at the end of the year, dealers will send us some gifts, on the one hand to express our gratitude, on the other hand also looking forward to the new year we will be able to support them as in the past. Every time I receive their gifts, I am happy, not because of his lack of things, but his move closer to each other.

was influenced by him. As a shopkeeper, should we send a gift to the old customer? On the one hand thanks to their trust, but also look forward to their continued support. Thinking about it, I was happy with my own idea. After a lot of investigation and research, I think we should give those perennial in my shopping in the supermarket customers send a gift.

gifts are based on the customer’s age, identity and personal preferences. For example, brother Zhang every day to buy cigarettes, so I gave him a cigarette; Liu aunt often come to buy things, I will send him a 100 yuan shopping card, she can go to my supermarket to choose at any time; Qi uncle special love to drink, usually to the supermarket to buy my wine so, I gave him two bottles of wine……

my this move immediately by the customers, they received gifts are filled with a thousand regrets. Aunt Liu said: "Yan boss, you can really have a heart! I was so thoughtful, I was moved!" We praise of the sound of a sentence in my ear. Although I pay a few, but the customer has a heart, they will continue to come to my shop.

if you are a customer, usually at the time of the store consumption is a necessity, but because these consumption to the end of the year can also get a gift, you for such a shop will be more trust? Therefore, this move is not only a harvest of gratitude, but also for the supermarket to stabilize the source, really kill two birds with one stone!