How to start a new business dry cleaners

U.S. UCC dry cleaning franchise project is now one of the more popular investment projects, for the dry cleaning project to join a lot of entrepreneurs will have the following questions:

, now join the dry cleaners to make money?

with the improvement of people’s living standards and the pace of life, the dry cleaning industry is also moving forward. But China’s laundry market gap is very large, dry cleaners in the market can not meet the needs of consumers in the market, so the dry cleaning industry is a great potential for appreciation of the space industry. Compared to other industries, the average profit of the dry cleaning industry is very high. In general, the cost of cleaning a dress in 15 yuan, while the cost is less than $3. Therefore, the opening of the dry cleaning shop profit level is very high, investors can rest assured join.

two, how to open a new dry cleaning franchise?

UCC International Laundry professionals said, open dry cleaning franchise is not difficult, joined the chain can help investors to save a lot of unnecessary trouble. UCC International Laundry for investors to provide a complete set of open shop services, each franchisee can enjoy the services provided by UCC international laundry. UCC international laundry will be a full range of support franchisees, franchisees to provide shop plan, the location of the notes, the installation of horizontal design, business strategy, and how to teach franchisees to join the dry cleaners, etc.. Under the guidance of UCC International Laundry headquarters, even without any experience, investors can easily open a dry cleaning shop.

for the franchisee’s first venture, no entrepreneurial experience problems

UCC international laundry dry cleaning franchise stores to help free location, decoration design, installation and commissioning of dry cleaning equipment, marketing plan, and a professional store with guidance, to ensure that the franchisee can easily shop without worry, when the boss.

for franchisees will not dry cleaning technology, will not operate the problem of dry cleaning shop equipment

UCC International Laundry free for franchisees for dry cleaning technology training, in order to allow the franchisee to have more professional dry cleaning technology, UCC International Laundry invited the teacher teaching, including the industry renowned Mr. Liu Hefa and MS. Huang Qinfeng, the package will package.

for dry cleaners on stable profitability, long-term operation of the

UCC international laundry to provide support for the operation of the store and the maintenance of equipment maintenance, so that the franchisee no worries. When there is a problem in the franchise, UCC international laundry will help franchisees to solve the first time.

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