Bizarre entrepreneurial story 6 thousand to 6 million two

my efforts, but did not get the identity of the partners, in their eyes, they think they pay more, I pay less, I just sell the labor force, they think I mentioned 4 into the cheap I picked up. This partnership for 10 months, his wife wanted to go it alone, according to the 4 generation, I will get 50 thousand dollars, a lot of things there is no way to calculate, the result I know that sooner or later there will be one day, but I didn’t think they could Commission unreasonable conditions: I from the Yongkang market I can’t set foot in, they put 50 thousand pieces of cash with me. Of course, I do not agree, I do not want to be divided, with what market I want to give them. They are cunning, and think of a way, they asked me how much money out of the factory, to me, they know I’m not get so much money, so deliberately make things difficult for me. This went on for several days, finally to the police station to resolve the matter, the police station was very reasonable, so that they bully a foreign woman is not decent, I divided into 4 results, I found the customer provided to me in Chengdu, I go back to the customer.

this venture, basically ended in failure, but give me a lesson that let me a lifetime

finally decided to start their own business