Enhance the level of government services to stimulate innovation potential of the whole society

economic development cannot do without innovation, therefore, Shi Taifeng at this meeting, or emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, provide a better business environment for entrepreneurs.

The meeting adopted the principle of "

the provisions of the provincial government service management in Jiangsu". The meeting pointed out that strengthening the management of government service, improve the service ability, to stimulate the market and create social vitality, enhance the power of economic and social development, benefit both current and long-term benefits, is to deal with the downtown pressure on the economy and maintain stable and healthy economic development of important initiatives. All localities and departments must unify their thinking, fully understand the importance of this work, conscientiously implement the "Regulations" requirements, and vigorously promote the construction of e-government service standardization, to create a good government environment for economic and social development.

in policy value, business people naturally have more convenience, whether entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial companies are to develop such a good opportunity.


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