Clothing store owners need to guard against 6 kinds of bandits brand trap

investment in the choice of brand clothing brand business, it must not be careless, should keep their eyes open, not by some "bandits" brand salesman cheated out of your hard earned first pot of gold, you should be in the door with "NO x" bandit "brand sales in china".

we can recall that in 90s the refrigerator market has hundreds of brands, after several years of shuffling, now only five or six brands, to the end will only retain the champion, runner up and second runner up brand.

also, Chinese garment enterprises have 80% boss all day busy but put their own brand down, there are 20% business owners put their own brand into a champion, runner up and second runner up……

is the two level of franchisees in the process you, looking for new brands, new trends and new category and to create new wealth of legend, to escape the "bandits" brand trap, to 6 kinds of phenomena of the highest frequency of occurrence to see its operation process.

phenomenon 1: 42 dial thousands of pounds of corporate debt owed

the vitality of an enterprise is marketing, it is the nuclear power of the enterprise, like a car engine. But some of our enterprises, marketing department is only two or three people, while other departments together, there are more than one or two people, the results of people who make money less, spend more people. In the long run, enterprises how to profit? Therefore, you should not be the establishment of enterprises, such as four cylinder, cylinder, eight cylinder engine marketing center? This is the focus of entrepreneurs to consider. "42 dials" looks very reasonable, but the probability of success is very small. I would like to ask the owners of the enterprise, why not dial 42, so the probability of success will be higher.

2: the red sea fight "bayonet" spell enterprise feeble

clothing brand channel construction has been transferred from investment to brand value investment analysis. Many enterprises through huge tactical investment, brand investment work into a melee type spell "bayonet", found a large number of customers came to the investment scene, but why can’t persuade the agents to do their own brand. Investment representatives also only through passion, demonstrate the strength of enterprises, visit the industrial park, eat, drink and live well, such as three goods policy to influence agents.

ask, this is not the market trend of the brand, even if they join, and how to base on the future market?

The phenomenon of

3: clothing "mediocrity chaos mess entrepreneurs fire without light

Fujian has a brand, the marketing director of this business level really let me sit up and take notice". He.