Bazhong back to start the project so that the villagers to join hands to get rich

since the beginning of entrepreneurship activities, the majority of two or three lines of urban and rural labor has found a new direction of development. In the city of Bazhong, a new fellow with fellow   out of poverty and health slogan gradually became popular, attracting more migrant workers to return home to start a business.

2 15, Bazhong, Pingchang, a poverty alleviation cited entrepreneurial report will be held. More than 600 from the back of the selection of entrepreneurs in the selection of the advanced representatives of the 7, to tell their own stories about entrepreneurship, won warm applause. The Universiade village jiankouzhen Zhao Jianhua, returning to form red pomelo cooperatives, promote the development of 658 households farmers in the county; Si Ma Zhen village head Chen Gang, back to the village to create a glass products company, with annual sales of 20 million yuan, more than 90 villagers realize home job…… The experience of returning home entrepreneurship varies, but they all tell the same story: fellow villagers, poverty alleviation.

3 years ago, the city of Bazhong through the implementation of the "back leading business" project, to lead the home business staff of more than 30 thousand people, all kinds of enterprises and economic entities established in 26 thousand, a total investment of 5 billion 430 million yuan, promote employment 85 thousand people, become the force of poverty alleviation Bazhong battlefield.

Su Shan Cun


in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, Bazhong issued "targeted home business work program" and support migrant workers from Bazhong entrepreneurs in Bazhong City, in the lower recommended door