Glasses equipment expensive

whether we are ready to open a large number of optical shops, ready to invest much money, but if you want to open a successful glasses shop, naturally need to purchase the relevant optical equipment. So, is it expensive? Let’s get to know each other.

when talking about the opening of the glasses shop, glasses shop equipment is an open topic. Indeed, shop equipment is very large, the total value is not cheap, for many people is the cost of a lot of money, but the glasses market in the price of the device can dragons and fishes jumbled together, are tens or even hundreds of times, and many glasses store are joining the headquarters directly with the equipment, the quality is uneven. Next, we went into the market to see the glasses equipment.

glasses are generally divided into the following categories:

I: domestic equipment. Many will join the brand to the franchisee with this equipment, strictly speaking, these devices are outdated, although also can be used, but the optometry, glasses, etc. belong to the need of precision grinding operation technology, obsolete equipment is not sufficient to ensure good glasses exactly match the customer’s eyes. So these products are very not recommended.

two: domestic quality equipment. Now our country has a lot of manufacturers can make high quality and inexpensive glasses equipment, the equipment set is 4, 50 thousand, is completely acceptable for open shop entrepreneurs, but also to ensure the quality of


three: imported equipment. The imported equipment is special, because many insiders are more superstitious imported equipment, but from the reality, imported equipment in the accuracy of parameters such as refraction, compared with the domestic high-quality equipment does not have what advantage, but the price is expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than a million, not ordinary people can afford.

different devices, the function will naturally be different. As each of the glasses store is a necessary product, the price of glasses equipment is uneven, in the end what kind of equipment will be purchased, naturally also need to be based on the economic strength of individual investors to.