College students warm up

is now the country to encourage college students to entrepreneurship, so many colleges and universities have also organized a lot of related activities! This is not, in the campus, we began to warm up the business. Let Xiaobian take you to pay attention to it!

"each student hands have not a lot of second-hand books, there are many students are spending money to buy the book, really need a second-hand books online trading platform to provide services for college students, the market prospect is vast." In the entrepreneurship contest, 2008 urban planning professional students Dan Weiyu and his group of 6 brought a second-hand book trading platform easy book network, the venture. He told reporters that the project is very important for college students to start a business, college students to participate in the business plan competition is a training team of the entrepreneurial team, hoping to gain through the game.

in Entrepreneurship contest, according to a survey of college students of the school, while 61% of respondents said there is interest in entrepreneurship, but 84% of people do not understand the entrepreneurial incentives, and up to 72.8% of the students hope to provide funds, project selection platform.

entrepreneurship support by the state, if you are a college student, and just have the entrepreneurial idea, you may wish to have the courage to try it!

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