Botrytis Blight in Landscape

first_imgThe late-spring sun is cranking up the heat. It’s hard to believe the long, cold winteris still causing problems in Georgia landscapes.”We’ve had a lot of Botrytis blight in landscape plants this spring,” saidJean Williams-Woodward, a plant pathologist with the University of Georgia ExtensionService.Botrytis blight is caused by a fungus, Botrytis cinerea, she said. Commonlyknown as “gray mold,” it’s the most common pathogen in any greenhouse, nurseryor landscape. It attacks any aboveground part of many vegetable and landscape plants.”Botrytis is always a problem for any flowering plant,” Williams-Woodwardsaid. “The problem this spring has been mostly in bedding plants. It hasn’t been toobad in woody ornamentals.”The problem started, she said, in the state’s greenhouses, mostly because of the winterthat didn’t want to end.”Greenhouse growers had all these bedding plants ready to go, but it was still toocold,” Williams-Woodward said. “They couldn’t sell them.”Waiting for spring sales to rev up, growers wound up having to hold the plants a monthlonger than they normally would have. And the plants suffered from having to be held solong. Some flowers dropped off, and leaves yellowed.Now the plants are in the landscape, where Botrytis is easier to control because theplants are more spread out. But it’s still something to contend with.Because the injured and yellowing tissues are more vulnerable, Williams-Woodward saidBotrytis blight could be more of a problem in landscapes this year.Botrytis attacks these old flowers and leaves and other weak tissues first, she said.Then it spreads into healthy tissue. On bedding plants, Botrytis often causes leaf spotswhen infected flowers drop onto leaves. It’s most active under wet conditions and when thehumidity is high and the air is stagnant.Williams-Woodward said the fungus is easy to identify. With a magnifying glass, andoften without it, she said, you can see a gray-brown web and grape-like clusters of sporeson infected tissues.”The spores are dry and are easily dispersed by air movement,” she said.”Overhead watering and rain disperse the spores, too. The force of the water dropletlanding on a leaf creates a shock wave that dislodges the spores into the air.”Splashing water droplets can carry the spores to nearby plants, too.”Pick up a plant with Botrytis sometime and gently flick the infected plantpart,” she said. “A cloud of spores can usually be seen floating in the airabove the plant.”Controlling Botrytis in the landscape takes a little cleaning up, using a fungicide andmaybe changing a few things around your plants.”Prune dead and injured stems from cold-damaged plants,” Williams-Woodwardsaid. “Clean the ground (and the inside of pots) of dead, fallen leaf litter. Andremove yellowing leaves from the base of plants.”People who pay regular attention to their plants can prevent the spread of the fungus.Picking off and discarding spent flowers and yellowing leaves as they show up will oftenkeep plants healthy.You may need to space your plants farther apart, too, to allow for better aircirculation. If Botrytis is a problem, don’t use overhead irrigation, she said.Because the fungal spores spread around so easily, fungicides can be important incontrolling Botrytis.”Spray a protective fungicide after the plants are free of blighted tissue,”Williams-Woodward said. “Consult your county agent to find out which fungicide to usefor a particular plant.”last_img read more

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Winter veggies

first_imgBy George E. BoyhanUniversity of GeorgiaIt doesn’t feel like it now, but the growing season is quicklycoming to an end. If you want to keep growing vegetables throughthe winter, you may want to look into a greenhouse.A greenhouse may sound expensive, but the principles behind itcan be anything from a sunny window to a cold frame to afull-fledged, heated greenhouse. All can be used to extend yourgrowing season for vegetables.Of course, if you live in south Georgia, you can still grow manyvegetables through the winter in your garden. This would includecrops like onions, collards, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and peas.All of these can stand very cold weather, including some frost.A sunny, south-facing window can be an ideal place to grow a fewherbs or leafy greens. For an even better environment, you maywant to install a greenhouse window that extends from the side ofthe house. This maximizes the amount of sun the plants get whileremaining warm at night and allowing for convenient access.Tasty treatsFresh leafy greens or herbs can be tasty treats during thewinter. Herbs in which the leaves are harvested are best. Thosein which you harvest the roots or flowers are harder to growunder these conditions.A cold frame is another low-cost greenhouse environment you maywant to consider. This is an enclosed, unheated space, usually nolarger than 1 to 2 feet high. It’s usually covered with plasticor glass and relies on the sun to warm it during the day.At night, it may drop back to ambient nighttime temperatures.Large stones or a container of water can help keep nighttemperatures up by releasing heat accumulated during the day.During sunny days, these enclosures can get quite hot even inwinter, so you may have to vent them during the sunniestparts of the day.VentingVenting can be done manually or with a passive, solar-poweredventing device. These devices will open a vent when heated andare adjustable to your temperature requirements.For even greater temperature control, these cold frames can beheated. Electric heating mats will add bottom heat to your plantsand seedlings and help prevent cold injury on the coldest nights.Finally, for the Cadillac approach, get a greenhouse. These canbe inexpensive wood or PVC structures covered with plastic. Orthey can be glass-enclosed, sophisticated environments that caneven be an extension of your home.Many companies manufacture home greenhouses of various designsthat can be free-standing or attached. Sunrooms that extend yourliving space are really nothing more than greenhouses. Theserooms not only give you space for growing plants but can extendthe heated square feet of your home, adding considerable value toyour investment.Unheated or heatedGreenhouses can be unheated or heated, but all should have somemethod of venting during warm, sunny days. Many vegetables can begrown in such a structure.If it’s unheated, cool-season vegetables such as lettuce,spinach, cabbage and broccoli will do well, and the enclosurewill protect them on the coldest nights while accelerating growthwith the heat from the sun on warm, sunny days.With a fully heated and vented greenhouse, the sky’s the limit.Do you want fresh tomatoes or cucumbers in the winter? You cangrow them in such a structure.Space is usually limited, so you may want to look for smallerplant types, like short-vine cantaloupes or patio tomatoes.Trellising is a good way to maximize the space, too. In fact,commercial greenhouse vegetable production relies heavily ontrellising to produce quality tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, etc.Nothing beats walking into a warm, moist greenhouse in thewinter. This can be a wonderful hobby with endless hours ofenjoyment, and vegetable production can be just a small part ofthe possibilities.(George Boyhan is an Extension Service horticulturist with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.)last_img read more

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The Masters: Tiger Woods explains lonely feeling of making a 10 at the 12th | Golf News

first_img“I didn’t commit to the wind, and I also got ahead of it and pushed it, too, because I thought the wind would come more off the right and it was off the left, and that just started the problem from there” By Keith JacksonLast Updated: 15/11/20 7:29pm – Advertisement – Tiger Woods says that it will be a whole different Masters tournament come April after a testing final day for last year’s winner Tiger Woods admitted it was a “lonely” experience dealing with making a 10 at the par-three 12th on Masters Sunday, but he was proud of his fightback over the last six holes.Woods, understandably disappointed at the prospect of having to present a new champion with a Green Jacket, was scuppered by the changing wind direction at the iconic 12th and came up short with his tee shot before dumping another in Rae’s Creek.His fifth sailed over the green and into the rear bunker, and worse was to follow when he bladed his first splash-out and donated a third ball to the water before he finally holed out for a septuple-bogey 10 – the first double-figure score on any hole in his professional career. – Advertisement – – Advertisement – But his response to adversity was remarkable, hitting back with a birdie at the next before closing with four in a row to salvage a 76 and ensuring he would finish in red numbers for the tournament.“I committed to the wrong wind,” he said when asked what went wrong at the 12th. “The wind was off the right for the first two guys, and then when I stepped up there, it switched to howling off the left.“I didn’t commit to the wind, and I also got ahead of it and pushed it, too, because I thought the wind would come more off the right and it was off the left, and that just started the problem from there. Woods rallied to birdie five of the last six holes Woods rallied to birdie five of the last six holes

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Rate hikes call for more state oversight

first_imgTo say I’m disappointed in the decision made by New York’s Public Service Commission to approve National Grid’s rate hike proposal is an understatement. Families and businesses here in upstate will end up paying $102 more for the delivery of electricity and $91 more for natural gas each year. Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion I have strongly opposed National Grid’s rate hike proposal from the start. The company has reported millions of dollars in profits and is now set to receive about $76 million in savings under the new federal tax law. Increasing rates is simply unacceptable.While the Public Service Commission is charged with making decisions on proposals like this, it is not accountable to the residents who ultimately pay for these essential services.This decision shows the need for new legislation I have introduced in the state Assembly that would establish more oversight of the Public Service Commission and provide more protection for the ratepayers here in upstate New York.Angelo SantabarbaraSchenectadyThe writer is an assemblyman representing Albany, Montgomery and Schenectady counties.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsSchenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsSchenectady police reform sessions pivot to onlineEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcylast_img read more

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Jokowi asks for prioritization of state spending on domestic products in Q3

first_imgPresident Joko “Jokowi” Widodo reiterated his instruction to the Cabinet members to accelerate government spending to restore the national economy, asking them to prioritize spending on domestic products in the third quarter of 2020.“We should put the brakes on spending overseas. Buy, shop and get our own products, so it can trigger the economy and spur our growth,” the President said in a limited Cabinet meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday.Jokowi said as an example that the Defense Ministry should prioritize spending in state-owned companies such as aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia, weapons manufacturer Pindad and shipbuilder PT PAL Indonesia.He said Indonesia was now able to produce much of the medical equipment needed to handle COVID-19 domestically, including medical substances, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test kits, rapid test kits and personal protective equipment (PPE).Read also: Work faster, think smarter, Jokowi tells Cabinet“Don’t spend anything outside, let alone masks, which we produce a lot of. We produce 17 million units of PPE per month, compared to 4 to 5 million units that we actually use,” Jokowi said.The President hoped his Cabinet could accelerate state spending with simpler procedures, especially those with big budgets, such as the Defense Ministry, the Social Affairs Ministry and the National Police.“I am now monitoring ministries’ spending on a daily basis — by what percentage it increases. The third quarter is key. Once it can leverage the growth, the fourth quarter will be easier and next year will also be easier,” he said.Closing his instruction, the President reminded his Cabinet to work above and beyond to meet the needs of the wider community, stressing that distribution of stimulus packages must be accelerated.“Don’t assume that we are in a mediocre situation. I see that social assistance has been good, but economic stimulus to both small-to-medium and big businesses and that in the health sector need to be improved,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

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Political parties to run online campaigns for regional elections

first_imgThe Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), which is backing eight gubernatorial tickets, 214 regency tickets and 34 mayoral tickets across the country, said that it would punish party members who violated health protocols during the election process.“Party members who violate the health protocols will face stages of sanctions,” the party’s secretary-general, Hasto Kristiyanto, said in a written statement on Tuesday without specifying what the sanctions would entail.The party has also formed a COVID-19 health protocol enforcement team that will supervise party activities in the field.”We’ve decided that a physical campaign is only allowed to involve a maximum of 50 people with strict implementation of the health protocols. The team will monitor every mass campaign.” Indonesia’s political parties are set to campaign virtually for the 2020 regional elections, which the government and the House of Representatives agreed to hold on Dec. 9 despite the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.The General Elections Commission (KPU) is currently working on a revision of its regulation that allows candidates to hold rallies and concerts on the campaign trail in an effort to curb further COVID-19 transmission.While waiting for the new regulation, parties have prepared their candidates to prioritize virtual forms of campaigning and to be disciplined in applying COVID-19 health protocols. Read also: 50 cities, regencies ‘highly vulnerable’ to virus-related election disruption: BawasluThe PDI-P’s fellow government coalition member, the NasDem Party, has also called on its candidates to avoid physical encounters by prioritizing campaigning through mass media and social media.Similar to the PDI-P, the party formed a task force overseeing health protocols from the central board level to the regional level.”The NasDem Party will minimize any kind of physical encounters,” NasDem secretary-general Johnny G. Plate said.However, the party has not set specific sanctions for violations of health protocols.“We haven’t decided yet but we will watch our candidates closely,” he said.The Gerindra Party also has yet to outline any sanctions. Gerindra executive Sufmi Dasco Ahmad only said that the party would adhere to the new KPU regulation.“We hope that this regulation, which is being revised, will include fair and strict COVID-19 protocols, as well as sanctions. We will follow them,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

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FSRU Golar Freeze to arrive off Jamaica soon

first_imgNasdaq-listed Golar LNG Partners, a limited partnership formed by Golar LNG, said Monday that its floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Golar Freeze is expected to “shortly arrive” offshore Jamaica.The 125,000-cbm FSRU Golar Freeze will serve a 15-year charter for New Fortress Energy as an import facility supplying new gas-fired power plants.Golar Freeze was previously converted into an FSRU from an LNG carrier and has a 4.9 billion cubic meters per year regasification capacity.The start of commercial operations of the FSRU in Jamaica is expected during January next year, Golar LNG Partners said in its third-quarter report.The vessel had been previously chartered by the Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP).Golar Freeze entered Dubai Dry-docks in July for dry-dock and minor modifications necessary to service its new LNG import project offshore Jamaica.The vessel departed dry-dock on October 20, Golar LNG Partners said. LNG World News Stafflast_img read more

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Iloilo, Negros Occ. among richest provinces in PH

first_img* Caloocan City – P18.381billion The 10 richestmunicipalities: * Caluya, Antique – P2.161billion * Carmona, Cavite – P1.969billion * Pasay City – P18.278billion Here are the 10 richestprovinces in the Philippines, according to COA: * Tanay, Rizal – P2.014billion * Compostela Valley – P19.615 billion * Iloilo – P11.442 billion * Palawan – P11.277 billion * Makati City – P230.833billion ILOILO City – Iloilo andNegros Occidental were among the 10 richest provinces in the country, the 2018annual financial report on local government units (LGUs) of the Commission onAudit (COA) showed. * Bukidnon – P15.278 billion * Cebu City – P33.884billion Negros Occidental, on theother hand, ranked No. 6 with assets reaching P14.446 billion – over P2 billionhigher from its 2017 assets of P12.889 billion. * Pasig City – P38.985billion * Rizal – P18.076 billion * Davao City – P16.259billion * Laguna – P11.587 billion * Batangas – P18.186 billion “Iloilo also receivedgrants from the national government through the Philippine Rural DevelopmentProject (PRDP) and Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces (CMGP) forinfrastructures projects such as roads and bridges,” said Umadhay.center_img * Calamba City – P12.606billion * Cebu – P35.659 billion * Calaca, Batangas –P1.876 billion./PN * Taguig City – P24.536 billion * Zambales – P11.241 billion * Quezon City – P87.285billion The provincial governmentalso earned from the auction of some of its disposable properties, Umadhayadded. * Mariveles, Bataan –P3.016 billion The 10 richest LGUs: Contributing to theincrease in Iloilo’s assets were the revenues raked in by the provincialgovernment’s local enterprises such as district hospitals and the stepped upcollection of real property taxes, according to Jean Marie Umadhay, head of theProvincial Treasurer’s Office. * Negros Occidental – P14.446 billion * Sual, Pangasinan –P2.805 billion * Sto. Tomas, Batangas –P2.566 billion * Binangonan, Rizal –P2.218 billion * Silang, Cavite – P1.9billion * Cainta, Rizal – P4.437billion With asset reachingP11.442 billion, Iloilo ranked No. 8 – up by some P1 billion from its 2017’sP10.045 billion assets. Assets that COA referredto covered cash, buildings and infrastructures among others owned by theprovincial government. * Manila – P40.711 billionlast_img read more

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Trojans Beat Bulldogs In Pigskin Action

first_imgThe East Central Trojans defeated The Batesville Bulldogs 21-7 at St. Leon on Homecoming Night for EC.EC vs Batesville Football Short Box (9-19)The Trojans improve to 2-3 on the season while The Bulldogs suffer their first loss of the season and drop to 4-1.Courtesy of Trojans Director of Football Operations Stewart Durham.last_img

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EPL: Alli’s penalty earns Spurs draw at Burnley

first_imgRelatedPosts EPL: Son fires four past Southampton EPL: Foxes attack Burnley Tottenham sign £25m Sergio Reguilon Tottenham Hotspur avoided a third straight Premier League defeat, coming back from a Chris Wood goal to earn a 1-1 draw at Burnley on Saturday, thanks to a 50th-minute Dele Alli penalty. Burnley started aggressively and grabbed the lead in the 13th minute when a headed clearance from Eric Dier was met with a fierce drive from Jay Rodriguez, which Hugo Lloris could only parry out to Wood. Tottenham were lacking fight as well as invention and needed a fine save from Lloris to keep out a dangerous, curling free-kick from the lively Dwight McNeil. Spurs boss Jose Mourinho made two changes at the interval, bringing on Lucas Moura and Giovani Lo Celso and his side quickly posed a greater threat, pulling level when Ben Mee brought down Erik Lamela and Alli smartly converted the spot kick. There were chances at both ends with Burnley sub Matej Vydra denied from close range by Lloris and Alli ending a sweeping move with a shot into the side-netting but the home side ended the stronger and will be disappointed to have ended with a single point. The result leaves Spurs in eighth place, four points behind fourth-placed Chelsea while the draw extends tenth-placed Burnley’s unbeaten run in the league to seven games.Tags: BurnleyDele AlliHugo LlorisJose MourinhoMatej VydraSean DycheTottenham Hotspurlast_img read more

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