Comcast rolls out 50 MBPS Internet service in Vermont

first_img(Vermont Biz April 6, 2010) – Comcast, a leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services, today announced it has made the leap from broadband to wideband with the launch of next-generation DOCSIS 3.0 in 29 communities across Vermont.  With wideband, Comcast has introduced a new echelon of Internet speeds, redefining the customer experience online and creating a platform for Internet innovation in the years ahead.Comcast now offers among the fastest speeds available today with wideband, including the Extreme 50 tier with download speeds of up to 50 Mbps.  Wideband has also enabled Comcast to double speeds for the majority of its existing residential high-speed Internet customers.The new extreme speeds are now available to residential homes and businesses in the communities of Burlington, Essex, Huntington, Saint George, South Burlington, Williston and Winooski, as well as the Addison County communities of Bristol, Lincoln, Middlebury, Monkton, New Haven, and Starksboro.  Comcast also offers wideband speeds in the Upper Valley area in the towns of Bridgewater, Cavendish, Chester, Hartford, Hartland, Londonderry, Ludlow, Norwich, Plymouth, Reading, Springfield, Weathersfield, West Windsor, Weston, Windsor and Woodstock.“Wideband utilizes our existing advanced fiber-optic network in neighborhoods across our footprint to dramatically enhance our customers’ online experience,” said Pam Mackenzie, Vice President for Comcast in Vermont.  “This new service will enable us to continue to offer our customers even faster speeds and an entirely new realm of Internet innovation.”As part of the wideband deployment, Comcast has launched a new 50 Mbps premium speed tier to its residential and business customers.  This new service is ideal for households or businesses simultaneously using several computers or Internet-connected devices.  They also appeal to those who simply want some of the fastest speeds available today:New Residential TierExtreme 50, offers up to 50 Mbps of downstream speed and up to 10 Mbps of upstream speed at $99.95 a month.*With Extreme 50, Comcast customers will be able to download a high-definition movie (6 GB) in about 16 minutes, a standard-definition movie (2 GB) in about five minutes and a standard-definition TV show (300 MB) in a matter of seconds.  Customers with Extreme 50 also will be able to download digital photos, songs and games faster than ever.In addition to the new speed tier, Comcast also is increasing speeds for most of its existing customers:Performance tier customers will benefit from doubled downstream and upstream speeds, offering up to 12 Mbps and 2 Mbps, respectively.Performance Plus customers will be upgraded to Comcast’s Blast! tier, which will double their download speeds to up to 16 Mbps and provide up to 2 Mbps of upload speed. Plus, with PowerBoost technology, customers are able to enjoy even faster speeds to download and upload files such as videos, games, music and photos.New Business Class TiersBusiness customers will also benefit from wideband with increased efficiency and productivity.  Customers can sign up for the Deluxe 50 Mbps / 10 Mbps tier for $189.95 a month, which includes a full suite of features and support.  As part of their service, Comcast Business Class customers receive Microsoft Communication Services, providing corporate class e-mail, calendaring and document sharing, as well as additional benefits such as firewall protection, static IP addresses, multiple e-mail addresses and business class 24/7 customer support.  Existing Business Class customers also will receive speed increases in the near future – speeds on the Starter tier will be doubled to up to 12 Mbps / 2 Mbps – and a second new Premium Tier is also now available, offering speeds up to 22 Mbps / 5 Mbps for $99.95 a monthAs of today, Comcast has rolled out the new wideband technology to more than 75 percent of its footprint across the nation, which means that more than 38 million homes and businesses can now enjoy one of the fastest Internet services in the country.For more information on Comcast’s wideband services, customers can call 1-800-COMCAST or visit is external).* Pricing for residential customers and requires subscription to Comcast Cable service.About Comcast in VermontSince entering Vermont in November 2006, Comcast has aggressively expanded its services across the state, investing in its advanced fiber-optic network to bring broadband services to previously unserved homes and businesses and partnering with local communities.  The company has launched a number of its advanced services in this time, including Digital Cable with On Demand, High-Definition Television Service, Digital Video Recorders, Comcast High-Speed Internet service, Digital Voice, and the company’s Business Class suite of voice, Internet and cable television services for small and medium-sized businesses.  In addition, Comcast has offered programming of special interest to Vermonters.  Comcast also assists local non-profit organizations in Vermont with financial, in-kind and employee volunteer support.About Comcast CorporationComcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) ( is external)) is one of the nation’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communication products and services.  With 23.6 million cable customers, 15.9 million high-speed Internet customers, and 7.6 million Comcast Digital Voice customers, Comcast is principally involved in the development, management and operation of cable systems and in the delivery of programming content.Comcast’s content networks and investments include E! Entertainment Television, Style Network, Golf Channel, VERSUS, G4, PBS KIDS Sprout, TV One, 11 regional sports networks operated by Comcast Sports Group and Comcast Interactive Media, which develops and operates Comcast’s Internet businesses, including ( is external)).  Comcast also has a majority ownership in Comcast-Spectacor, which owns two professional sports teams, the Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball team and the Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey team, and a large, multipurpose arena in Philadelphia, the Wachovia Center, and manages other facilities for sporting events, concerts and other events.Source: SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT – (April 6, 2010) – Comcast# # #last_img read more

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Opponents to New York natural gas pipeline push energy efficiency, renewable options

first_imgOpponents to New York natural gas pipeline push energy efficiency, renewable options FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Crain’s New York Business:New York is a city of canyons. But for Ashley Fallon, a child of Breezy Point who now lives in Rockaway Beach, her portion of Queens can seem closer to California than Manhattan. The view from her surfboard might include any of three species of whales, two kinds of dolphins and baby seals. Walking on the beach, she sometimes spots the rare snowy owl.Fallon knows the beach was not always this clean or the water this full of life. That is one reason she has joined a coalition of local civic and environmental groups fighting the proposed Williams Transco natural gas pipeline. The groups, including Surfriders Foundation, and the Rockaway Beach Civic Association, insist the pipeline could inflict lasting environmental damage on the area.The 24-mile expansion of existing pipeline infrastructure would run 17 miles underwater, from New Jersey’s Raritan Bay across lower New York Bay to a Transco pipeline already in place three miles offshore from the Rockaway Peninsula. The projects supporters are no less passionate than Fallon. They say the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, or NESE, will address a looming natural gas shortage in Brooklyn and Queens and on Long Island that could inflict lasting damage on the region’s economy.The battle is playing out amid another gas shortage that has raised alarms across the region’s business community: Con Edison has declared a moratorium on natural-gas hookups in southern Westchester. As of March 15, the utility said, it will not be able to guarantee service for new projects, effectively stifling developments. National Grid, Williams’ partner in the NESE project, is warning of a similar moratorium in Brooklyn and Queens and on Long Island should New York not approve the billion-dollar pipeline by May 15. The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, which is weighing public comments, could block the pipeline if it found the project does not comply with the state’s water quality standards.But the project’s critics maintain the energy sector is at a tipping point, with new technology making strides in efficiency, and renewables having more potential. They cite gains from new boilers, building retrofits, eco-friendly building codes and more efficient electric heating and cooling systems.“You have to consider the alternatives now more than ever,” said Tom Sanzillo, a former New York state deputy comptroller who is director of finance for the pro-renewables Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. “And the reason you have to do that is because conditions in the industry are changing so fast and there are more and more alternatives and innovations.”More: Business groups say natural-gas delivery has reached a crisis point. Environmentalists agreelast_img read more

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Los Perrones collaborate with ‘El Chapo’ in Central America

first_img Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the fugitive Mexican drug kingpin, is working closely with Los Perrones, a Central American drug trafficking gang, to move large quantities of drugs through Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica into the United States, according to a recent report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). While the captures of Neyo, Juan Colorado and other Los Perrones operatives temporarily weakened the gang, security forces throughout Central America must remain vigilant, Santana said. The Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas have increased their operations in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in recent years. The increased activity by transnational criminal organizations has driven an increase in violence in many of those countries, Santana said. El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. In 2010, the country had 66 homicides related to organized crime for every 100,000 residents, according to UNODC El Chapo is the kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel, which is also known as the Pacific Cartel. El Chapo has hired Los Perrones to traffic drugs through Central America and into the United States, and to transport drug money into Panama, according to the UNODC report “Transnational Organized Crime in Central America and the Caribbean.” Los Perrones also works with the Gulf Cartel (CDG), the report said. El Chapo leads the largest, most powerful transnational criminal organization in the world. El Chapo’s alliance with Los Perrones demonstrates his willingness to form partnerships with criminal organizations in other countries to achieve his goals, said security analyst Guillermo Garduno. “The excessive ambition to sell drugs has no limits for the Pacific Cartel and other transnational criminal organizations,” Garduno said. “The Mexican cartels have shifted their violence and criminal operations to Central America to organize their activities in collaboration with local gangs.” El Chapo’s alliances Los Perrones is not the only drug trafficking group El Chapo has allied himself with in Central America. For years, he worked with alleged Guatemalan drug trafficker Waldemar Lorenzana, who is known as “The Patriarch.” Guatemalan security agents captured The Patriarch in 2008. A Guatemalan court ordered him released because of insufficient evidence. Guatemalan security agents captured The Patriarch in April 2011 after the U.S. government filed an extradition request, which alleged that he was collaborating with El Chapo in trafficking drugs. In July 2013, a Guatemalan appeals court denied the last of Lorenzana’s motions to avoid extradition to the U.S. He remains in custody in Guatemala, and no extradition date has been scheduled. Continued vigilance By Dialogo September 26, 2013center_img Security successes Salvadoran security agents have registered several important successes against Los Perrones in recent years. In May 2009, Salvadoran police arrested Reynerio de Jesus Torres Lazo, a high-ranking Los Perrones leader who is known as “Neyo” Seven months later, in December 2009, Salvadoran police captured Juan Maria Medrano Fuentes, a Los Perrones leader who was suspected of smuggling huge amounts of cocaine to New York and New Jersey. He is known as “Juan Colorado.” With the captures of Neyo, Juan Colorado, and other key leaders, the founder and kingpin of Los Perrones, Jose Natividad Luna Pereira, who is known as “Chepe Luna,” went into hiding to avoid capture, security analysts said. Los Perrones has regrouped during the last two years, security analyst said. Since 2011, Chepe Luna has traveled to Honduras and Nicaragua to meet with El Chapo or his top lieutenants, according to published reports. Los Perrones Global ambitions Los Perrones began operating in the 1990s in El Salvador. The group engages in drug trafficking and money laundering, including the creation of “front” companies to conceal drug profits. The gang contracts with Colombian and Mexican drug cartels to transport large amounts of drugs through Central American and ultimately into the United States, according to security analysts. According to UNODC, about 90 percent of the cocaine which is smuggled into the United States from Mexico passes through Central American,. El Salvador’s National Civil Police and military forces alone seized more than five tons of illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, from 2008 through 2012,. Salvadoran security agents arrested 9,600 drug trafficking suspects during that time period, authorities said. “Drug trafficking routes are changing,” said security analyst Adalberto Santana said. “El Salvador is another option for the Pacific Cartel. Alliances with local Central American transporters are not exclusive. Los Perrones provide their services to the highest bidder.” not helpfullast_img read more

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How Trump, Tariffs & Retaliation May Impact Long Island

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Driving onto the campus of Stony Brook University recently to attend a global trade conference, I passed the new research center under construction in the college’s technology park. I could see that the building’s foundation was done. Steel beams framed the half-built structure as workers jackhammered away.At the conference itself, government employees, trade lawyers and consultants talked up the benefits of exporting. The small-business owners in the audience took business cards and brochures, sipped cups of coffee from the urn, and contemplated how they might do a little exporting one of these days.Leaving the conference, I passed the construction site where steel girders glinted in the noon light. Those beams, if imported, now faced the 25 percent tariff ordered by President Trump in retaliation for what, in language evoking military threat, he called “an assault on our country.” In recent remarks Trump has described America as a nation “ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices” and positioned himself as protecting workers who had been “betrayed.”The bellicose talk visibly spooked some of his most conservative supporters, who, for whatever their positions on domestic issues, had consistently opposed protectionism throughout their careers, and reflexively defended keeping markets – foreign and domestic – open.To provide visuals for a televised tariff-increase signing, the White House collected a bevy of hulking steelworkers with whom POTUS could shake hands and beam with their presumed post-signing appreciation. The steelworkers – and surely the owners of the companies they work for – indeed looked pleased that the president of the United States was raising the prices customers would have to pay to assure their livelihood.News analysts, reporters, and policy commentators, whose own jobs are decidedly far less secure, immediately raised questions about the prospects of a trade war. Trump, never one to shy away from an argument, asserted the war was “winnable.” He looked like the kid in the schoolyard readying for a fight as friends stood behind him holding rocks.Politicians who call for using tariffs as trade-war ammunition remind me of the old Woody Allen bit where he describes a fight where he hurt the other’s guy fist with his nose. This is what Trump is doing to us. By raising the price of imported steel by 25 percent, Trump effectively punches the public in our collective noses. We lose our freedom to choose cheaper or better-quality imports. As for the price differential, Washington pockets the change.While prior presidents have indeed applied economic sanctions, they’ve been aimed at countries with whom relations have been chilly. At my trade conference, Jim Black, a partner with the SilvermanAcampora law firm in Jericho, recalled earlier years when a mention of the “Nasty Nine” nations referred to hostile states like Russia, Iran and Cuba.“That number is way down now,” Black said shortly before lunch. One reason adversaries become friends is that trade brings nations together; sanctions drive them apart. Another speaker, trade expert Bill Laraque, dismissed the America First rhetoric.“Trade sanctions aren’t going to make America great,” he said. “They are going to make America mediocre.”Merely raising the cost of imports, he said, was no answer.“What about improving the infrastructure? Charging ourselves more for steel is missing the point.”As his swerve towards protectionism took shape last month, the president replaced his chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, with TV talking head Larry Kudlow. The ousted Cohn is a free-market advocate. Kudlow, of course, is the well-dressed talking head who plays an economist on TV. He is an unrepentant supply-sider but by no means is he a trade hawk. It seems the president didn’t get that memo.On March 6, one week before getting Cohn’s old job, Kudlow blogged on under the headline “Tariffs are Taxes,” tariffs and import quotas are what we do to ourselves in times of peace and what foreign nations do to us with blockades… in times of war. But now we are imposing sanctions on our own country by punishing with tariffs in order to make Americans more prosperous.”In other words, we’re punching their noses with our faces.“If ever there were a crisis of logic,” declared Kudlow, “this is it.”Warren Strugatch is a partner with Inflection Point Associates, a consulting firm in Stony Brook. Contact him at Warren@InflectionPointAssoc.comlast_img read more

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Reps. Bonamici, Haaland, Young call for increase to MBL cap

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Reps. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.), Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), and Don Young (R-Alaska) led 62 of their colleagues in calling on House leadership to remove restrictions on credit unions that prevent them from fully serving small businesses in their communities during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle thanked the representatives for their support.“This letter will ensure that credit unions can be there for small businesses looking to get back to work helping Main Street communities quickly recover from this unprecedented crisis,” he said. “We thank Reps. Bonamici, Haaland and Young for their leadership in this crucial bipartisan effort.”The bipartisan group requested that the next coronavirus response package increase the arbitrary cap that prevents credit unions from lending to more of their small business members. Currently, the member business loan (MBL) cap restricts credit union business lending to 12.25% of assets.last_img read more

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This summer, the tariff on highways lasts a month longer, starting on June 15

first_imgSummer, 10 percent more expensive toll tariff on motorways operated by Croatian Motorways and the Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway will enter into force this year June 15 and will run until September 15. Last year, when it was first introduced on HAC and ARZ motorways, the summer toll was valid from July 1 to September 30 and applied only to vehicles of I and Ia category, ie cars and motorcycles, writes Vecernji list.This year, the summer tariff will be introduced earlier due to the tendency to increase traffic on motorways in June, which is a result of the earlier start of the tourist season in Croatia. This year’s summer tariff has been extended to II. a category of vehicles that pay tolls in the total amount of about 90 million kuna on 90 summer days on HAC and ARZ motorways. Therefore, with a 10 percent higher toll, revenues from these vehicles would increase by nine million kuna in three months. At the same time, the largest part of these revenues, almost 90 percent, relates to campers and cars with trailers.In the first three months, traffic on motorways increasedAnnually, more than 40 million vehicles operate on HAC shares, and according to the results of the research, 85% of tourist arrivals are realized by road vehicles. Last year alone, 18,5 million foreign guests visited Croatia.In the first quarter of this year, traffic on 10.014.976 vehicles and tolls in the amount of HRK 455.636.108,00 without VAT was recorded on all HAC and ARZ motorways. Compared to last year, the number of vehicles increased by 3,56%, and the amount of tolls collected was higher by 9,62%.The highest traffic of 3.631.886 vehicles was recorded on the A3 Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac motorway, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 5,5%, as well as the largest inflow of tolls collected in the first quarter in the amount of 190.769.521,60. HRK 13,58 without VAT, which is XNUMX% more than last year.Considering the upcoming tourist season as well as the announcements about the daily growth of tourist arrivals, further growth of both revenue and traffic can be expected.last_img read more

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HRAS Publishes 1st Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea

first_imgThe first version of the inaugural ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea’ was published by maritime NGO Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) on April 5, 2019.As explained, the principal aim of the new declaration is “to raise global awareness of the abuse of human rights at sea and to mobilise a concerted international effort to put an end to it.”It recognizes established International Human Rights Law and International Maritime Law, highlights the applicable legal assumptions, and reflects the emerging development and customary use of the increased cross-over of the two bodies of law.The concept of human rights at sea rests on four fundamental principles:1. Human rights apply at sea to exactly the same degree and extent that they do on land;2. All persons at sea, without any distinction, enjoy human rights at sea;3. There are no maritime specific rules allowing derogation from human rights standards;4. All human rights established under treaty and customary international law must be respected at sea.The declaration was first announced to students in Malta on April 4 at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) during the second Human Rights and the Law of the Sea workshop held in coordination with the Stockton Centre for International Law.On April 5, it was briefed at the World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden during the Empowering Women in the Maritime Community conference.According to HRAS, the publication comes after the initial drafting session which was held in Switzerland on March 20-21, 2019. The first drafting round was supported with input and observers from UN agencies, human rights lawyers, international and civil society organizations.The second drafting session will be held in Geneva in May.last_img read more

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Medical cannabis will fuel addiction crisis, say doctors (UK)

first_imgDaily Mail 27 October 2018Family First Comment: ‘We are concerned that in the interests of political expediency, this mandate to allow routine prescribing of cannabis for pain relief is premature. That cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain is not supported by the evidence and may be associated with significant harm… ‘We may end up becoming drug dealers inadvertently.’ legalisation of medical cannabis next month will lead to a crisis of addiction and crime, leading experts have warned.Doctors will be able to dish out cannabis oils and other products as of November 1 in England, Scotland and Wales.However, in a scathing letter, 166 pain consultants from across the UK claim they risk ‘becoming drug dealers inadvertently’.They warned people are already asking for cannabis from their doctors, and worry they will be exploited by drug dealing gangs if they’re turned down by the NHS.In the letter, they said they support the law change – but wrote: ‘We have suffered an opioid crisis and foresee history about to repeatWe are concerned that in the interests of political expediency, this mandate to allow routine prescribing of cannabis for pain relief is premature.‘That cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain is not supported by the evidence and may be associated with significant harm.’The letter, signed by Dr Rajesh Munglani, a consultant in pain medicine who has a private practice in Cambridge and London, was sent to The Times.It warned there is not enough evidence cannabis is effective at treating pain and it could put patients at risk of mental health problems.But campaigners argue patients deserve the right to have medicinal cannabis as an option, as there is evidence in can combat pain.Dr Munglani, who organised the letter, told The Times: ‘Patients are already demanding they are given medical cannabis.‘People are coming in and saying, “I’m not interested in any other technique or drugs I just want the cannabis.”‘We may end up becoming drug dealers inadvertently.’The experts wrote political convenience in the face of public pressure appears to be one of the main reasons for the law change.And they worry people may become addicted to cannabis-medicines in the same way the US is suffering an opioid crisis.READ MORE: read more

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Garin, 9 others indicted again over Dengvaxia

first_imgThe previous Aquino administrationinitiated the nationwide Dengvaxia immunization program in the summer of 2016,purchasing P3.5 billion in Dengvaxia vaccines for a million public schoolchildren in regions reported to have the highest incidence of dengue. Garin wasthen the DOH secretary. “The panel [of prosecutors] concludedthat the accomplishment of the procurement process for the Dengvaxia vaccine,with undue haste, within a limited timeframe, and despite the red flags knownto Garin and other respondents, amounted to reckless imprudence,” according tothe DOJ. Garin and several others werepreviously indicted over similar charges in the first batch of complaints. Garin,in a statement last night, said she is ready to face the charges and expressedconfidence these would also be dismissed. DOJ prosecutors said yesterday Garinand nine other former officials of DOH, Food and Drug Administration, ResearchInstitute for Tropical Medicine, and Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. should be prosecutedfor reckless imprudence resulting to homicide. The indictments were for the secondbatch of complaints filed by parents of children who died allegedly after beinginoculated with Dengvaxia. “The evidences presented wereoverwhelming,” Acosta said. “The Dengvaxia victims expected full indictment andprosecution at the proper court with jurisdiction.”/PN MANILA – The Department of Justice(DOJ) has found probable cause to again charge former Department of Health(DOH) secretary Janette Garin (now Iloilo 1st District congresswoman) inconnection with the controversial anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia.center_img Former Health secretary Janette Garin “Hustisya bang matatawag na hayaannating mamatay ang mga kababayan natin sa sakit na mayroon namang bakuna ogamot?”Garin asked. “Haharapin ko ito ng buong tapang atwalang takot dahil alam natin ang katotohanan,” Garin said. “The dismissal of six outof seven cases before only showed that these lacked substance and basis.”Garin, a physician, also said it has been proven by science that no deaths werelinked to the Dengvaxia vaccine. The Justice department also said stateprosecutors indicted the president of Sanofi Pasteur for violating the ConsumerAct of the Philippines “for manufacturing the Dengvaxia vaccine which posescertain risks to seronegatives, or to those who have not previously contractedthe dengue disease.” On the other hand, Public AffairsOffice chief Persida Acosta who filed the charges said the findings of the DOJpanel proved that the evidences her office gathered against the respondentswere strong. In December 2017, DOH stopped theprogram after Sanofi Pasteur said Dengvaxia might increase the risk of severedengue in recipients who had not contracted the mosquito-borne disease. At thetime, over 800,000 school children had been vaccinated already.last_img read more

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Update on the latest sports

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — All Puerto Rican players will be allowed to wear No. 21 on Wednesday during Major League Baseball’s Roberto Clemente Day celebration.The move to wear the number, similar to MLB’s celebration of Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 each April 15, started with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Roberto Clemente Jr., son of the late Hall of Famer, said he received a text from Pirates third base coach Joey Cora on July 29 at the behest of Pittsburgh manager Derek Shelton, asking whether all Pirates players could wear the number on Sept. 9.Clemente died in a plane crash on Dec, 31, 1972, following takeoff from Puerto Rico on a flight to bring relief supplies to Nicaragua following an earthquake.VIRUS OUTBREAK-COLLEGE FOOTBALL Update on the latest sports September 8, 2020 Kaepernick will play — on MaddenLOS ANGELES (AP) — Madden NFL players will have the opportunity to see how Colin Kaepernick might fare if he was back on the field. EA Sports has announced that the company has partnered with Kaepernick and is including him in the latest version of Madden 21. Fans can sign Kaepernick as a free agent in franchise mode and put him at the helm of any NFL team, as well as including him on any team in the play now mode. The 32-year-old quarterback hasn’t been offered a contract since he last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, the same year he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. EUROPEAN SOCCER Fried has filled the void left when the Braves lost opening day starter Mike Soroka for the season to a torn right Achilles tendon early in the season. The latest blow to the rotation could accelerate the team’s plans to have Cole Hamels rushed into action for his 2020 debut.In other baseball news;— The Chicago Cubs have added outfielder Billy Hamilton to their active roster and optioned slumping slugger José Martínez to their alternate training site. Hamilton was claimed off waivers from the New York Mets on Monday. Hamilton, who turns 30 on Wednesday, went 1 for 22 in 17 games with New York before he was designated for assignment on Friday. MLB-OBIT-BUTIG Hunt served an eight-game NFL suspension last year after joining Cleveland as a free agent. The contract includes $8.5 million guaranteed. Hunt signed with Cleveland last year after he was released by the Kansas City Chiefs following two violent off-field altercations. The Browns took a chance on Hunt and now they’re investing him in long term. He’ll begin the season as the No. 2 back behind Pro Bowler Nick Chubb. However, coach Kevin Stefanski plans to use Hunt as a pass catcher as well.Elsewhere in the NFL:— The Cardinals have agreed to a two-year contract extension with star receiver DeAndre Hopkins that will keep the three-time All-Pro in Arizona through the 2024 season. The team announced the deal on Tuesday but didn’t disclose terms. The NFL Network reported that the extension is worth $54.5 million over two years. The receiver is guaranteed $42.75 million. The deal also has a no-trade clause and no-franchise tag clause. The Cardinals landed the 6-foot-1, 212-pound Hopkins in a surprising trade with the Texans during the offseason, sending veteran running back David Johnson to Houston.— Washington coach Ron Rivera missed his team’s first game week practice to start treatment for a form of skin cancer. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio stepped in and ran practice as planned when Rivera was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. Del Rio did not have an update on how Rivera was feeling but expects him back at the training facility Wednesday. Del Rio has experience doing this from his time in Denver when coach John Fox had heart surgery. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNBA PLAYOFFSGiannis out: Bucks say the MVP’s ankle not ready for Game 5LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — Reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo was ruled out of Game 5 of Milwaukee’s Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Miami Heat because of a sprained right ankle. Associated Press Ronaldo reaches century of international goals for PortugalUNDATED (AP) — Add 100 international goals to the extraordinary list of milestones achieved by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The 35-year-old Ronaldo become just the second male player to reach a century of goals for a national team when he curled a free kick into the top corner from 25 meters for the first of his two strikes in Portugal’s 2-0 win at Sweden in the Nations League. Scoring one of the best goals of his international career was a fitting way to enter the “100 Club” where he joins former Iran striker Ali Daei. Belgium and France also won and joined Portugal on two wins from two games in group play.TRACK-SEMENYA APPEAL The 6-foot-2, 225-pound forward gives the Golden Knights some more physicality after they were outmuscled in a Game 1 loss by a tough Dallas opponent.Coach Peter DeBoer said missing Reaves wasn’t the reason Vegas trails 1-0. But having the well-respected teammate back on the ice gives the Golden Knights more size and depth, which they’ll need to try to advance to the Stanley Cup Final.NFL NEWSBrowns extend Hunt, Cards extend Hopkins Rivera out for treatmentUNDATED (AP) — Running back Kareem Hunt has signed a two-year, $13.25 million extension with the Cleveland Browns. Some legislative leaders urge Big Ten to reconsiderUNDATED (AP) — Leaders of six state legislatures in the Big Ten footprint have sent a letter to Commissioner Kevin Warren asking the conference to reconsider its decision to cancel the fall football season.The letter is written on the letterhead of Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield and also signed by statehouse leaders from Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.The Big Ten, and Warren in particular, have received strong pushback since the conference announced that university presidents voted to push back football and other fall sports until the second semester because of the coronavirus pandemic. Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields started a petition seeking a reversal, parents of players held a protest outside Big Ten headquarters and eight Nebraska players filed a lawsuit.KAEPERNICK-EA SPORTS In other matches:American Jennifer Brady also advanced to the semifinals by beating Yulia Putintseva 6-3, 6-2. Seeded 28th, Brady dominated from the baseline in her first major quarterfinal. The 25-year-old played for the UCLA Bruins as part of their 2014 NCAA championship team.MLB-NEWSMore pitching woes for BravesATLANTA (AP) — The Atlanta Braves’ season-long rotation woes continue as Max Fried has been placed on the 10-day injured list. Fried had been the only current healthy member of the projected rotation before the season began. LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — NBA coaches or other team staffers could have guests in the bubble later this month. The league shared final plans for such additions with teams on Tuesday.Team staffs would be limited to a total of 10 guests, all of whom would have to begin a self-quarantining period at home immediately, then travel to Central Florida next week to begin another week of even stricter lockdown. Those guests could then enter the so-called bubble at Walt Disney World on Sept. 21, about a week before the scheduled start of the NBA Finals.NHL PLAYOFFSKnights hope Reaves will help in Game 2EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — Ryan Reaves returns to the Vegas Golden Knights lineup for tonight’s Game 2 of the Western Conference final against the Dallas Stars after being suspended for the series opener. — The New York Giants have waived cornerback DeAndre Baker, with the 22-year-old facing armed robbery charges relating to an incident in Florida in May. Baker has been on the commissioner’s exempt list since July 27. He has not participated in any Giants activities since the incident.— The Jacksonville Jaguars promoted quarterback Mike Glennon from the practice squad to the active roster and placed linebacker Quincy Williams on injured reserve. Williams had surgery for a core muscle injury last month. He will miss at least the first three games of the regular season. Glennon gives the Jaguars an experienced backup heading into the opener against Indianapolis on Sunday. Rookie sixth-round draft pick Jake Luton beat out Glennon for the backup spot. But the veteran might be a better option, if needed, to fill in for starter Gardner Minshew early in the season.TENNIS-US OPENBrady wins quarterfinalNEW YORK (AP) — Alexander Zverev is a Grand Slam semifinalist for the second time in as many majors this year. Seeded fifth, Zverev advanced to the U.S. Open’s final four by rallying past No. 27 Borna Coric 1-6, 7-6 (5), 7-6 (1), 6-3. Zverev overcame 12 double-faults and 46 unforced errors. The German’s next opponent will be the winner of Tuesday night’s match between No. 12 Denis Shapovalov and No. 20 Pablo Carreno Busta. Semenya loses appealGENEVA (AP) — Two-time Olympic champion Caster Semenya has lost her long legal battle against track and field’s rules to limit female runners’ naturally high testosterone levels. Switzerland’s supreme court says its judges dismissed Semenya’s appeal against a Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling last year that upheld the rules drafted by track’s governing body affecting female runners with differences of sex development. The Swiss Federal Tribunal said CAS had the right to uphold the rules to guarantee fair competition for certain running disciplines in female athletics.The federal court said it was limited to examining “whether the CAS decision violates fundamental and widely recognized principles of public order.” It concluded “that is not the case.”,Update on the latest sports Former AL President Gene Budig dead at 81NEW YORK (AP) — The former American League President Gene Budig has died. His death was announced Tuesday by the commissioner’s office and the Charleston RiverDogs, a minor league team he co-owned. No cause was given. He had been in hospice in South Carolina. Budig brought an academic pedigree to the job of AL president, and he was the last one to hold the post. He was on the job from 1994 until 2000 when owners abolished league presidents. Budig was the head of three universities —Kansas, West Virginia and Illinois State. He also was a newspaper reporter, governor’s assistant, major general in the Nebraska Air National Guard and a teacher at Princeton. Gene Budig was 81 years old.MLB-ROBERTO CLEMENTE DAY The Bucks made the announcement about 45 minutes before tonight’s matchup. They entered the game trailing the series 3-1. Antetokounmpo clearly tried to get himself ready for Game 5. He was on the court about two hours before game time, getting some shots up, then did more strength and flexibility work with a member of the Bucks’ staff. The Heat could wrap up the NBA’s Eastern Conference with a win.Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets are even at a game apiece heading into Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals. The Lakers evened things up in Game 2 on Sunday night, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis combining for 62 points.NBA RESTART-FAMILIESlast_img read more

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