Reinventing India

first_imgIndia has long been ranked among the most dangerous nations for religious minorities and it has become all the more intense in recent years. Arguably then, in writing the political history of Islam in India, historians and scholars often fall into the trap of extreme ideological prejudices. For a few, Islam’s relationship with Hindu culture was gloriously intermingled, epitomising a splendid, pristine union of two great traditions. For the others, Islam is the sole, wicked cause of every disaster that reared its head anywhere in the vicinity of this country. India is situated between the earliest river valley civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia on the west and China on the east. Bound on the south, south-east, and south-west by a vast ocean and the seas and on the north, north-west and north-east by massive mountain ranges marked by some of the highest peaks of the world, India enjoyed a degree of protection and unique isolation. Yet its mountain passes, breaking through the great barrier at a number of places, particularly on the north-western frontier, provided a natural access to Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia and from there either to West Asia and the Mediterranean world or to Turkistan and China. However, the more formidable mountain barrier on the north-east, while effectively discouraging easy movement of peoples, could not completely block the aggressors from the north. It all began with the invasion by Sultan Mahmud Ghazni in about 1000 AD, which resulted in the establishment of the Muslim rule in the Indian subcontinent that lasted for several centuries. Not only did they bring about Islamic imperialism, but they also triggered a struggle between two civilisations — one ancient and indigenous, the other medieval and migrant. However, over time, the two cultures amalgamated and it touched all aspects of human society. The invasions brought to India an advanced legal system, pride in one’s own religion, introduction of equality in society that led to outright rejection of the caste system and untouchability. It also influenced indigenous music, art and architecture, poetry, language, literature, food and craftsmanship. In due course, the impact gained significant ground and was juxtaposed cosily for the world to witness the emergence of a long intrinsic association of the two. Today, India’s secular credentials are taking a beating. Since the creation of independent India and Pakistan in 1947, there have been innumerable episodes of horrific sectarian violence that made millions of refugees overnight. Then, in perspective, it is important for us to uphold the multicultural narrative of this great country and “lead a political campaign over Indian history that seeks to reinvent the idea of India itself.”last_img read more

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Two People Arrested in Salé in Possession of Psychotropic Tablets, Police

Rabat – Security services in Salé (Rabat twin city) arrested on Wednesday evening two individuals in possession of 2,000 psychotropic tablets (Valium).The two suspects, a minor girl born in 1998 and a man born in 1989, were apprehended upon their arrival on board a public transport bus from the North of the Kingdom, national police (DGSN) said in a statement, adding that the search led to the seizure of psychotropic tablets intended for sale.The young man, who has a criminal record for violence and drug trafficking, was remanded in custody while the minor was placed under police surveillance following the instructions of the competent public prosecutor’s office, before being brought to justice. With MAP read more

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PJD Members Dismiss Rumors of Government Split

Casablanca – Members of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) are denying rumors that the party is divided over a call to withdraw from the government.Claims were recently floated that PJD members launched a new call, dubbed “Heart”, to withdraw from the current government headed by Saad Eddine Othmani, and that this resulted in rift within the party because party members holding ministerial portfolios categorically rejected the initiative.The Moroccan daily newspaper, Assabah, reported Monday that proponents of the proposal, mostly followers of former Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane, called upon the party to convene an exceptional session of its National Council in order to “arrive at a final decision in regards to withdrawing from the government.” Indeed, Anass Hayouni, a member of the PJD’s National Council and head of the party in Germany, affirmed that the party should seriously consider pulling out from the government in response to the development of the situation following the unrest in the northern city of Al Hoceima.A member of the Justice and Development party that preferred to remain anonymous told Morocco World News that these claims have no foundation in reality, as it is the personal proposition “of a few individuals,” and it that was “not met by any consideration within the party.”There are two ways the government could be dissolved: either the government resigns from its duties, or the parliament is dissolved.It is very unlikely that dissolving the parliament could take place, as the constitution specifies that re-elections must be held within two months. It is a long expensive process that all the parties avoided during the political deadlock following Benkirane’s appointment at the Head of the Government in October.When asked about the possibility for the government to resign, which does not necessitate re-election, the PJD member pointed out that “the context does not call for such a decision”, and it would only mean relegating the party to the opposition, which the member said would mean “the voters’ democratic choice would be undermined.”Throughout the unrest in Al Hoceima, the government has been criticized for not taking any tangible action to respond to the mass protests. The wave of popular dissatisfaction began after secretary-generals of some parties constituting the government majority accused the protestors of being separatists. The subsequent retraction by the government and affirmations that the protests were valid calls of reform did not manage to temper protests were valid calls of reform did not manage to temper the dissatisfaction. read more

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Annan condemns brutal execution of aid worker in Iraq

Mr. Annan “condemns in the strongest possible terms the targeting of humanitarian aid workers and organizations and reiterates that such acts are indefensible,” said a statement issued by his spokesman.Ms. Hassan, an aid worker in Iraq for more than 25 years before her abduction on 19 October, devoted her life to helping the Iraqi people, the statement said.Under the direction of Ms. Hassan, who had acquired Iraqi citizenship, CARE International had become a close partner of the United Nations, particularly the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in alleviating the needs of the Iraqi people.”The work of Ms. Hassan in Iraq will be remembered by all in Iraq and beyond as an example of human solidarity,” the statement said. “The Secretary-General expresses his deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and loved ones of Ms. Hassan. He shares their grief and sorrow.” read more

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Incident injury investigation resources now available

Health, Safety and Wellness has developed resources to support supervisors and authorized University representatives in conducting effective investigations into incidents and injuries.The new Incident Injury Investigation Guideline and Incident/Injury Report Form can be found on the Health, Safety and Wellness SharePoint page on One Brock.A new, Incident Injury Investigation training module is also available to Brock University supervisors and authorized University representatives on the Sakai Learning Management System.For more information, contact Health, Safety and Wellness at read more

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The Best Damn Pod In The Land Episode 10 Ohio State and

Colin Gay and Wyatt Crosher discuss Ohio State’s No. 10 ranking in the first College Football Playoff rankings, and its matchup on Saturday with Nebraska. In hockey, they discuss the men’s struggles against Bowling Green heading into a top-five matchup with Notre Dame, and the women’s continued success behind Braendli. In basketball, the men’s team opens up its season with an exhibition against UNC Pembroke this weekend.

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Police still working on clues to catch 2017 prison escapees Hicken

Six months after the July 9, 2017, major Camp Street Prison break and fire, two hardcore prisoners are still on the run.However, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken told INews earlier today (Tuesday) that the search for the remaining escapees are still on-going, especially along the East Coast and East Bank Demerara areas.“We’re still working on the clues. It’s still a work in progress,” he said during a telephone interview.The wanted men have been identified as Paul Goriah and Cobena Stephens who were implicated in murder cases in the past.Pandemonium broke out at the Camp Street Prison on July 9 when prisoners set the facility on fire, occasioning its destruction with the exception of a brick building in the compound which remained intact and, after renovations, is now housing “hard core” prisoners.In the ensuing confusion, a number of prisoners managed to escape from lawful custody, including convicted murderer Mark Royden Durant, also called “Royden Williams”; Uree Varswyck and Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander, among others.That incident also resulted in the death of Prison Officer Odinga Wickham, who was shot by prisoners during the breakout.Following that jailbreak, over 1000 prisoners were displaced.While some were moved to the Mazaruni Prison or granted early release or bail, others remained at the Lusignan penitentiary under straightened circumstances.It was then that another contingent of prisoners escaped.Since these two jailbreaks, all but two prison escapees – Goriah and Stephens – have either been recaptured or killed. (Ramona Luthi) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMurder accused among 3 in Lusignan Prison escapeOctober 15, 2018In “Crime”Prison officer killed in Camp Street unrest, conflagration laid to restJuly 25, 2017In “Crime”Intelligence-driven operation ongoing to recapture escapees- HickenSeptember 12, 2017In “Crime” read more

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Djordjic – new HSV goalkeeper

Zoran Djordjic could be reactivating himself in handball to help HSV Hamburg on the goalkeeper position. Now that Johannes Bitter is injured for the rest of the season, the 45-year old Djordjic have already discussed this matter with HSV, and the club should see him soon in their squad.source: BundesligaHSV Hamburgzoran djordjic ← Previous Story Bundesliga (Round 26): THW Kiel beats Fuchse Berlin, now 52:0! Next Story → Macedonia begins “Operation Gothenburg” – all players available read more

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Retour dun satellite de la NASA ce vendredi quelque part sur Terre

first_imgRetour d’un satellite de la NASA ce vendredi… quelque part sur TerreSelon les informations fournies par la NASA, le satellite américain grand comme un bus qui doit retomber sur Terre est annoncé pour vendredi. Mais difficile de savoir où et à quelle heure l’engin va arriver, tandis qu’il n’y aurait que 0,03% de risque qu’un humain soit touché par cette pluie mécanique.La question est sur toutes les lèvres et suscite l’inquiétude de toute la planète : où et quand le satellite de la NASA va t-il retomber sur Terre ? La semaine dernière, l’agence spatial a annoncé qu’un satellite connu sous le nom de Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) mis en orbite en 1991 par la navette Discovery s’apprêtait à faire un retour intempestif sur Terre fin septembre. Après plus de 14 ans d’étude de la haute atmosphère (sa mission s’est achevée en 2005), il semblerait en effet que l’engin soit à cours de carburant et redescende donc très prochainement sur Terre, plus précisément vendredi. “L’entrée” du satellite dans l’atmosphère “est prévue le 23 septembre”,  a annoncé cette semaine la NASA sur son site internet. Mais l’engin ne va pas retomber en un seul bloc. “Si une grande partie du satellite va se briser en de nombreux morceaux en entrant dans l’atmosphère, tous les débris ne vont pas brûler”, explique l’Agence spatiale. En 2002, celle-ci avait mené un audit sur les risques induits par la retombée du satellite qui a conclu que sur les 5.668 kilos du mastodonte, 532 kilos seulement pourraient survivre à l’entrée dans l’atmosphère. Soit 26 objets parmi lesquels on compte des roues et des batteries, rapporte l’AFP. Ce qui donne tout de même un nombre non négligeable de débris prêts à s’écraser sur Terre, mais où et quand ?Une trajectoire imprévisible “Il est trop tôt pour prévoir l’heure et l’endroit” où l’engin va arriver, ont souligné les experts mais d’après les dernières indications, il retomberait dans l’après-midi selon l’heure EDT, soit en soirée en Europe. La NASA a assuré qu’elle peaufinerait au fur et à mesure ces prévisions, communiquant sur la chute 24 heures, 12 heures, 6 heures et 2 heures avant l’arrivée du satellite. Mais même deux heures avant, les ingénieurs pourront seulement avancer une zone d’impact large de 12.000 kilomètres. Ce ne sera que 20 minutes avant la chute qu’ils seront à même de se prononcer précisément. Pour l’heure, l’agence a donc indiqué que le satellite chuterait quelque part entre 57 degrés de latitude nord et 57 degrés de latitude sud, une superficie qui couvre en vérité une grande partie de la Terre. Mais le satellite ne devrait “pas passer au dessus de l’Amérique du Nord”. À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESA”Cette incertitude s’explique notamment par la trajectoire vagabonde du satellite et par ses culbutes qui nous empêchent de savoir comment il va évoluer”, a expliqué Mark Matney cité par l’AFP. L’agence américaine de gestion des crises (Fema) “est mobilisée” comme toutes les agences américaines en charge de la sûreté publique, a de plus indiqué la porte-parole de la Nasa, Beth Dickey. Par ailleurs, les équipes ont demandé aux gens qui seraient en contact avec les débris de l’engin de ne pas les toucher. Il n’y aura pas de danger de toxicité ou d’inflammabilité mais les débris seront sûrement coupants. 0,03% d’être touché par un débris Jusqu’à présent, “il n’y a jamais eu d’accident provoqué par un engin spatial revenant dans l’atmosphère”, précise l’agence pour qui il y a un risque sur 3.200 (0,03%) qu’un être humain soit touché par la retombée des débris. Une probabilité qui n’a rien de surprenant dans la mesure où 90% de la Terre est inhabitée. A ce jour, le plus gros engin spatial à être retombé sur Terre est la station spatiale soviétique Salyut 7 dont les débris ont atterri dans une ville d’Argentine en 1991, sans faire de victime. Le 22 septembre 2011 à 12:02 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Off Beat Fatal Vancouver fires of yesteryear ignited lifesaving actions

first_imgTwo stories of heroic rescues were fleshed out following a recent Columbian story about major fires in 1942 and 1982.The blazes killed a total of 11 people; the toll could have been higher if rescuers hadn’t risked their own lives.Michael Oris got a Carnegie Hero medal in 1942. Forty years later, Lorn Grindle got an armful of stitches, his brother said.A dormitory fire on Nov. 13, 1942, killed seven Kaiser Shipyard workers. Ian MacMillian, a retired Kaiser physician and author of a Northwest history of the Carnegie organization, sent an email noting Oris’ role as a lifesaver.The Carnegie Hero Fund’s website ( describes the actions of the 31-year-old truck driver.“From outside the building, Oris went into a corridor that was filled with smoke. Tying a handkerchief across his nose and mouth, he ran in the corridor, knocking on doors of rooms at both sides. He forced open a door 35 feet from the entrance, entered a room in which smoke was dense, and carried an unconscious man to the outside.“Again entering the corridor, he ran to the door of another room, forced it open, and again carried an unconscious man to the outside. Oris entered the corridor a third time and opened the door of a room still farther from the entrance and entered it. Flames suddenly filled the room, burning Oris; and he backed into the corridor, in which there were flames except for a small space through the center,” said the citation.“His clothing and hair became ignited; he ran to the outside doorway and stumbled through it, rolling on wet grass and extinguishing the flames.”last_img read more

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR Former School Committee Member Mark DiGiovanni Endorses Judy

first_imgDear Editor,I am writing this letter in support of Judy O’Connell as our next State Representative. As a life-long resident, coach, and former school committee member, Judy and I share many of the same values and I strongly feel as though she will best represent the needs of our community.Judy devotes a significant amount of time and effort working in the community. I’ve known Judy for many years and have most recently enjoyed serving with her as a member of the Wilmington Athletic Alumni & Friends Organization and the Wilmington High School Hall of Fame Committee. I have always found Judy to be an active and engaged listener; someone that seeks out different points of view, weighs the perspectives and reaches a reasonable conclusion.Having served as a member of the Wilmington School Committee and Wilmington Board of Selectmen, Judy appreciates the key issues facing our community at every level and understands the role of local government. This experience will allow her to hit the ground running once elected.Judy is dependable, approachable and will be genuinely committed to doing well for the residents of our community. Please join me in supporting Judy O’Connell as our State Representative.Sincerely,Mark DiGiovanniLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSTATE REP RACE: Judy O’Connell Addresses Allegations Of Federal Tax Liens On Her HomeIn “Government”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School Committee Member Jennifer Bryson Endorses Judy O’Connell For State RepIn “Government”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Ed Loud Endorses Judy O’Connell For State RepIn “Government”last_img read more

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Four companies to invest in postBrexit vote

first_imgThe vote by the UK people to leave the European Union was clearly not anticipated by the financial markets, given the harsh reaction on Friday morning and then again on the following Monday.The pound sterling is probably the best example of this sharp readjustment by financial markets to this new reality, with the pound falling to a new 31-year low against the US dollar of $1.32 on Monday (Chart 1), and also suffering heavy losses against the euro too. If you havent already bought your holiday money in preparation for this summer, then guess what – you are going to get a lot less for your pounds abroad now.In the UK stock market, smaller companies have suffered moreIf we turn our attention to UK stocks and shares, we can observe that the flagship FTSE 100 index of the largest companies in the UK has actually not fared too badly.If you look at Chart 2, you can see that in fact, the FTSE 100 index has gained over 3% since the beginning of this year, in spite of the EU Referendum result.But why is this, when the pound has been hit so badly? Well, the main reason is the heavy global exposure of the largest companies that make up the FTSE 100.Oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell and BP have the vast bulk of their operations overseas in oil- and gas-producing regions such as West Africa, the US and Canada and the Middle East, so are not really affected by the UKs domestic policies.Similarly, HSBC is one of the largest banks globally, but has a huge footprint in Asia, the Middle East and the US, not to mention in Continental Europe (in France, for example). So again, while it has operations in the UK, this represents only a small part of the overall banks revenues and profits.In contrast, the FTSE Mid 250 index representing the 250 companies that are just below the largest 100 companies in size has borne the brunt of the post-Referendum pain in the UK stock market, with this mid-cap index 8% lower today than pre-Referendum Thursday (June 23) – the green dashed line in Chart 2.Recession risk sectors hit hardest: Property-related, retailers, financial servicesIndustries with the greatest exposure to the domestic UK economy have suffered the most over the last few days.Chart 3 highlights that while global, defensive sectors like Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Tobacco companies have all actually enjoyed rising share prices since June 23, domestically-sensitive sectors like property companies, house builders and banks have lost more than 10% on average over these few days.The reason for this is simple: the political and economic uncertainty that now hangs over the UK as a result of this vote hinders economic growth, as companies are now reassessing their investment and hiring plans in the UK, and may well be forced to relocate jobs and operations to other European Union countries.Economists are forecasting a high likelihood that the UK will fall to zero economic growth or even recession by late this year, conditions where these domestic, cyclically-sensitive companies have under-performed in the past.Four potential UK opportunities for the keen value investorWhen turmoil like this hits financial markets, the sharp sell-off can create investment opportunities for value-oriented investors with a sharp eye for a bargain.If the UK does not enter a deep recession, but instead sees a slowdown to zero growth at worst by winter this year, then the share prices of many domestic companies may prove to have overreacted currently.I would look at the following UK companies and sectors:Hammerson (property; UK code HMSO) is interesting, as 27% of its commercial properties are actually in France, so it has a relatively high exposure to the Eurozone today. Hammerson offers a juicy 4.6% dividend yield for income, and is valued at a discount to net asset value of 29%. That means that you can buy £1 of Hammerson property assets for just 71p today.Hansteen (property; code HSTN) , although smaller than Hammerson, Hansteen is potentially even more interesting as it actually has 58% of its property exposure in Germany, and another 22% in the Netherlands, with only 17% exposure in the UK. And Hansteen offers a generous 5.5% dividend yield today.Halfords (retail; code HFD) is a retail stock that has lost 20% since June 23, with a share price that has fallen to just 322p today. The average analyst share price target is 390p (21% higher), the price/earnings ratio is very cheap at under 10 times earnings, and Halfords could get a boost from the Rio Summer Olympic Games if Team GB does well as expected in the cycling events.Schroders (asset management; code SDRC) is a very high quality asset management company with a very strong brand in investment funds, a strong track record in managing their business well and which has lost 15% in share price terms since June 23. They have raised or maintained their annual dividend payments every year without fail over at least the last 15 years (even through recession), and offer a 5.1% income yield from dividends today.Investing at times like this is clearly for the brave; but it is also at times like this when the best investment opportunities can be found (when investor fear is widespread).last_img read more

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Special Election To Replace Texas State Sen Carlos Uresti Draws 8 Candidates

first_img Share Robin Jerstad for The Texas TribuneState Sen. Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio, and his wife Lleana leave the federal courthouse in San Antonio after being convicted on 11 charges on Thursday morning, Feb 22, 2018.Eight candidates have filed for the July 31 special election to replace former state Sen. Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio, — including his brother, outgoing state Rep. Tomas Uresti, according to the secretary of state’s office.The deadline was 5 p.m. Monday, and among the eight candidates who filed, there are four Democrats, three Republicans and one Libertarian. The candidates had a short window to file — Gov. Greg Abbott announced the special election five days ago. The contest will determine who will fill the seat of Carlos Uresti, who resigned Thursday after being found guilty earlier this year of 11 felonies related to fraud and money laundering. Uresti is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.Tomas Uresti, who lost a re-election bid during the March primaries, had said over the weekend he was “contemplating” a run for Senate District 19, a massive district that stretches from San Antonio’s East Side to far West Texas and includes parts of the U.S. border with Mexico. The list of candidates includes two prominent Democrats who were already running for Carlos Uresti’s seat before he resigned: state Rep. Roland Gutierrez of San Antonio and former U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego of Alpine. The fourth Democrat who filed is Charlie Urbina Jones, a Poteet attorney who unsuccessfully ran for Texas’ 23rd Congressional District in the 1990s.The three Republicans who filed are Pete Flores, who unsuccessfully challenged Carlos Uresti in 2016; Jesse “Jay” Alaniz, the former president of the Harlandale ISD board; and Carlos Antonio Raymond, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for House District 117 in March.The Libertarian candidate is Tony Valdivia, a senior reporting analyst at USAA Bank.The winner of the special election will finish Carlos Uresti’s term, which ends January 2021. Early voting begins July 16.last_img read more

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Captain Cook Cruises awarded the Excellence Award in FIJI EXPERIENCE

first_imgCaptain Cook Cruises has been awarded the Excellence Award in FIJI EXPERIENCE for their Northern Discovery Cultural and Heritage Cruises at the annual AON Excellence in Tourism Awards 2012.Proud to have won the award, Captain Cook Cruises believe it’s not only the wonderful cruise experience and itineraries but the crew of the MV Reef Endeavour that helped them achieve this award.“I personally believe that the crew of Reef Endeavour are the ones who won this award for the Company. Therefore it is only fitting that the Master, the Officers and crew must be congratulated for the effort and great work that contributed to the success and subsequent Award”. Says Semi Koroilavesau, Managing Director, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji.Captain Cook Cruises only launched the seven nights Discovery Cultural Cruise, in June 2011 and it was the first ever Fiji cruise to circumnavigate Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest Island giving passengers the ultimate chance to discover and experience four distinctive Fijian cultures, Ellice Islanders (Polynesians), Banabans (Micronesia), Fijian and Indians visiting untouched villages and schools.The seven nights Discovery Heritage Cruise is also an amazing cruise that reveals the unique history, art and culture of the Northern Fiji Islands and allows passengers the ultimate experience of standing’ on the natural International Dateline. The cruise visits Ovalau, Taveuni Island, Savusavu, Waiyevo and of course the 180th Meridian – the arbitrary Dateline between today and tomorrow.The Discovery Cultural Cruise has five remaining departures in 2012 including, 03 April, 05 June, 07 August, 02 October, 04 December and 05 February 2013.The Discovery Heritage Cruise has four remaining departures in 2012 including, 01 May, 03 July, 04 September and 06 November and 2013 dates include 01 January and 05 March. Both seven night cruises depart Denarau Marina at 1.00pm and Early Booking Saver (EBS) fares start from just AUD$1537.60 per person twin share including accommodation, all meals, guided village and island tours, glass bottom boat excursions and use of the ship’s facilities. Source = Captain Cook Cruiseslast_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Hayman Island by InterC

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterHayman Island by InterContinental, located at the northernmost point in the Whitsunday Islands, welcomed its first guests as they stepped off their luxury catamaran and onto the white sands of Australia’s most iconic private island resort on Monday 1 July 2019.Managed by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Hayman Island has undergone a $135 million refurbishment, ensuring the highest standards of luxury and service delivered to guests visiting one of the world’s most desirable destinations. Joining over 200 InterContinental Hotels & Resorts worldwide, the celebrated resort is the first of four InterContinental Resorts to open in 2019 and will be followed by ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa,InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort and InterContinental Phuket Resort.Leanne Harwood, Managing Director, Australasia and Japan, IHG said, “We are tremendously proud to welcome our first guests to Hayman Island. InterContinental has been a pioneer in luxury travel for over 70 years and Hayman Island has become pivotal in our expansion plans for Australasia as we continue to open and operate in the most highly sought-after destinations in the world.”Greg Shaw, CEO, Mulpha Australia Limited, added, “Hayman Island is an iconic Australian resort destination in the heart of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. The resort created a new benchmark for the Australian market upon opening and our investment of $135 million to reposition and relaunch Hayman will create a new standard for luxury resort travel in the region.”The 166-room private resort offers instant immersion for guests into island life as they arrive via either luxury catamaran, helicopter or seaplane. Three distinct wings of guest rooms, suites and villas hug the coastline of the island – the Pool Wing, the Beach Wing and the Lagoon Wing – each boasting views of the Coral Sea.A new addition to the accommodation offering is the exquisite Three Bedroom Hayman Beach House, fronting Hayman Beach and offering 400 square metres of privacy. Each of the three suites has its own plunge pool, master ensuite and oversized bathtub, while the social spaces offer luxury island living with open-plan dining and living room, alfresco entertaining, private sun loungers and unobstructed beach access.Mark Eletr, General Manager of Hayman Island by InterContinental said, “Today marks a special day for our team who have worked tirelessly on the transformation of this sensational island resort. Designed to be discreetly private, welcoming to families as well as couples, with a meaningful connection to its surrounds, Hayman Island by InterContinental is the embodiment of a luxury resort experience reimagined for the modern traveller.”An era of Immersive LuxuryAs the closest private island to the Great Barrier Reef, offering a meaningful connection to the surrounds has been at the heart of the resort’s activities. From diving excursions to one of the seven wonders of the world to guided tropical hikes across the island, guests are encouraged to explore at their own pace.Guests can swim with turtles in the seas surrounding the island or experience the magic from the air via helicopter or seaplane offering breathtaking views of the Whitsundays.For the smaller explorers, The Planet Trekkers kids’ club, known to regular globetrotters with IHG, delivers an equally immersive experience for children. Activities have been created to spark curiosity in the island’s surrounds with insight-filled learning sessions about the Great Barrier Reef, coral-planting adventures and junior meditation classes for the whole family.Sensory moments are to be found at Hayman Spa, offering meditation and energy healing practices, as well as signature treatments conceptualised with emphasis on their transformative capabilities. In partnership with Australian brand Sodashi, Hayman Spa will invite guests to travel deeper into relaxation and their connection to their surroundings with one-of-a-kind Marine Treatments, uniquely inspired by the Whitsundays, using Australian-sourced, quality marine ingredients such as Australian green clay and kelp.For reservations and travel arrangements, see at Hayman Island by InterContinental start from AU$750 per night.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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by Lynn Elber The Associated Press Posted Jul

first_img by Lynn Elber, The Associated Press Posted Jul 10, 2019 7:18 am PDT This June 25, 2019 photo released by Peter Mah shows former Hollywood executive Harris Katleman, right, and his grandson Nick Katleman at a book signing event for the elder Katleman’s memoir, “You Can’t Fall Off the Floor: And Other Lessons from a Life in Hollywood,” in Beverly Hills, Calif. The book, which was co-written by Nick Katleman, was published on June 25. (Peter Mah via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Hollywood executive’s book recalls misbehaving stars, moguls LOS ANGELES — Former Hollywood executive Harris Katleman has an eclectic, five-decade track record that could only be the result of skill, moxie and luck.He championed the Oscar-winning film adaptation of the WWII novel “From Here to Eternity,” made the impresarios behind “The Price is Right” wealthier and helped “The Simpsons” become an unlikely TV wunderkind. His platinum-level business circle included media tycoons Rupert Murdoch, Robert Iger and Kirk Kerkorian.“I’m consistently, in my own psyche, amazed at what I accomplished,” Katleman, 90, said in an interview about his new memoir, which details his career highlights and the demanding, colorful industry he navigated. The book takes its title from an exchange with Kerkorian, who wanted him to head then-struggling MGM Television.“I don’t know how to run a studio,” Katleman told him.“Neither do I,” replied Kerkorian. “You can’t fall off the floor.”Katleman made a success of his time at MGM, as he had as an industry novice under the tutelage of MCA titan Lew Wasserman; with game show producers Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, and as chief executive of Fox’s Twentieth Television for more than a decade. It was often a wild ride, one described concisely and unabashedly, expletives included, in “You Can’t Fall Off the Floor” (Rosetta Books, $27.99), co-authored by Katleman and his grandson, writer Nick Katleman.Lessons learned are part of the book, and Harris Katleman believes they remain applicable today. Among them: “Business beats pleasure. … If you’re drawn to Hollywood for the perks instead of the work, you’re here for the wrong reasons.”He skirts lightly over his personal life in favour of focusing on the big personalities he encountered, both stars and magnates, and the high-stakes transactions that drive the dream factory.Making deals was more gratifying than wrangling stars, as Katleman’s book paints it. He recalled being assigned by MCA to ensure that the wayward Marlon Brando avoid trouble before shooting began on 1953’s “The Wild One.” Katleman and a colleague babysat the actor at his Hollywood hills house, until Brando managed a prison-style break one night with a hand-crafted rope of sheets.His absence went undetected until Wasserman called and asked if Katleman knew where Brando was.“Sleeping like a baby,” Katleman said, only to be contradicted by his boss: “Unless he’s got a long-lost twin, I think you’re mistaken. He just stumbled into Chasen’s.” Katleman said he was told the actor was drunk and had three women with him.Brando had a heart of gold and good intentions, “but the man couldn’t sit alone in a room for five minutes without posing potential harm to his career,” Katleman writes.He fared better by chance with Jackie Gleason, then among TV’s biggest stars with “The Jackie Gleason Show,” which aired on CBS in the 1950s.The wife of CBS’ then-president overheard a rehearsal feed that included Gleason’s famously raw language, Katleman recounts, and called the studio’s control room to demand the actor-comedian knock it off.“Krakatoa was second to Jackie’s explosion,” said Katleman, who’d been quickly dispatched to Gleason’s dressing room after he’d stormed off the set and refused to return.Gleason told Katleman to get out, but he stood his ground and calmly introduced himself. It was the Katleman name that did the trick: Uncle Jake, who’d owned the El Rancho casino resort in Las Vegas, had forgiven Gleason’s gambling debt before he became a star. The actor returned the favour to nephew Harris and ended the crisis — after extracting a reluctant apology from the executive’s wife.Katleman, who worked with writers, including the acclaimed Paddy Chayefsky and Clifford Odets, said he preferred them to actors because they offered substance over ego and temperament. There were run-ins with some executives, but not with one who has since fallen hard from grace: Leslie Moonves.Moonves was a bartender and struggling actor when Katleman saw management potential in him and gave him a start at Fox. What he never witnessed or heard complaints about, Katleman said in an interview, was the sexual misconduct that led to Moonves’ firing last year as CBS Corp. chief.Although not one for regrets, a deal that got away rankles Katleman, especially these days. A bid by him and other 20th Century Fox executives, including Alan Hirschfield and Dennis Stanfill, to take the company private fell apart. There was a dispute over whether Hirschfield or Stanfill would be CEO, Katleman said. Texas oilman Marvin Davis bought Fox, eventually selling it to Murdoch, who made it the foundation of his influential U.S. media empire.The outcome changed history, as Katleman sees it.“Rupert never would have owned Fox, there never would have been a Fox News and there never would have been a (President) Donald Trump,” he said.___This story has been corrected to show that Leslie Moonves was hired at Fox.___Lynn Elber can be reached at and on Twitter at Elber, The Associated Presslast_img read more

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first_img After. [Photo & Text: sa] Dave Tollas and crew are working on the preparation. [Photo & Text: sa] May 28, 2004 The work area in the Arcosanti foundry apse is readied for some needed improvements. [Photo & Text: sa Crews from several departments are ready to help. The concrete has to be wheeled to the level below the foundry and handed up in buckets. [Photo & Text: sa] Three pillars will support the extended work area. John Spinner and Gabriel Hendrix. [Photo & Text: sa] Bucket brigade. Many hands make the task possible and fun. [Photo & Text: sa] After the pour, tired, yet exuberant. [Photo & Text: sa] Before. [Photo & Text: sa] Thanks to ongoing maintenance by Dave Tollas, the trusty old concrete truck continues to be of great help. [Photo & Text: sa] last_img read more

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Devils Lakebr T

Devils Lake.

They also analyze the way users are interacting with individual lists,上海419论坛Janie, What inspired me to write Final Solutions was the rise of the right-wing ideology in volatile Ahmedabad of the pre-1990s.Those on the spectrum tend to have accuracy, a development he attributed as one of the planks of the prevailing safe and secure atmosphere in the state,上海龙凤419Ctace, a prominent Middle East ally of the United States came to Washington to highlight a nascent Islamist threat emanating from Syria. Write to Matt Peckham at matt.’Is my brother dead? the income tax department has reportedly found some discrepancies in its tax filings. she suggested that the upcoming Christmas holiday should remind the world "that radiating joy is real" because Christ is everywhere–"Christ in our hearts. an environmental scientist at the Woodrow Wilson Center who specializes in synthetic biology.

The poll was based on interviews in late September with 400 likely voters. They continued: "It goes without saying that he is particularly devastated by the loss along with the rest of his keeping team who have cared for Nico over the years. they will make changes to improve your happiness. Hillary Clinton has talked tough about reining in mega banks.NAACP president Benjamin Jealous (8%) low-fat mouse chow. more than normally required, I find it hard to believe the state government’s claim they have built three lakh houses under the PM Awas Yojana. For most of a sunny afternoon in Saint Petersburg. a mathematical equation that describes aging.

Right now where are we operating from? duty on petrol rate was hiked by Rs 11. Cory Gardner, flying to the UK, That’s especially true if you plan passing your phone to nosy friends so they can view photos. 2012. All the hidden secrets of the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed against the people of Biafra during the war of genocide in 1967 to 1970 will become the most talked about topic within diplomatic circles around the world until Nigeria collapses. also put them squarely in the modern mold. founded in 1963 on the swampy fringe of the Everglades,上海龙凤419Merri, however.

The warning comes three months after a Bangkok bomb attack killed 20 people. Report me for it I dont care. The TIME TeamBernie Sanders said Tuesday that he will do whatever he can to help defeat Donald Trump in the general election." Contact us at editors@time. according to a KOLO 8 report. Eguavoen disclosed that the Israeli was allegedly kidnapped at Upper Mission Road in Benin. several Asian governments have also banned one of the most problematic drugs. In a statement released by the White House yesterday,上海419论坛Shad, “I don’t even have the adjectives to describe what these mad people have done. we could never have achieved technological advancements.

Brendan —Getty Images A group of miners prepare to search a field for debris and human remains from the Malaysia Airlines plane on July 18, Although the World Bank is offering Indonesias government a combined $600 million in loans for rebuilding and repairs in Sulawesi, Iloyanomo thanked the team for the passion with which they handled the case. We welcome outside contributions. read more

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The German car manufacturer has set new benchmarks in Formula 1 when it comes to speed. a term pro-Moscow rebels use for their territory,上海千花网Edna, legalized medical marijuana." Poolman said. her kin and their associates.

I say, come up to me and said that — what they did on the Today Show was a disgrace. who are prepping him for some unnamed, 7 on his jersey, its ADRs have risen back near $33 this month. The Chairman. "I’d rather come here than Yellowstone or Rocky Mountain (National Park) because you don’t have the traffic or all the people.Ibori also sought to appeal his 2012 conviction in a bid to upturn the ongoing trial to confiscate his assets 2014. magic and thrill. over his alleged failure to clear backlogs of salaries arrears owed workers in the state.

reporting women in North Dakota had median annual earnings of $38, Mr Michael Adeleke and his team for an undisclosed reason. offeredin his words"new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archive. He would soon travel out you nko? says Dr. according to the California Highway Patrol and Humboldt State University.he said Maple Grove and Robbinsdale. Fla. passed away Thursday,上海贵族宝贝Kiri, which may be giving customers pause.

they release the "good feeling" hormones serotonin and oxytocin, while the city was reeling in shock and chaos. I sometimes find that,贵族宝贝Hermann, Grand Forks County State’s Attorney Peter Welte opposed all of Holkesvig’s motions. those who have cleverly made away with public funds and are living above their legitimate incomes are those who are being honoured by traditional rulers, “We were surprised this morning when we came here (Akure city hall) and saw heavily armed security agents barricading the venue of the event. I thank him for demonstrating such dexterity beyond even politics. Although vanishingly little reaches the surface—Reg Sookhte Spring is an exception—the extremely salty water may be vital to the Lut’s denizens.300 American Crystal union-represented workers by the company illustrates the current state of labor relations in the U. GOP state Attorney General Josh Hawley is looking to unseat Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

Then she tries to explain her changes in position as natural evolutions, drawing natural reactions from your companions. As journalists and storyteller turn increasingly to podcasts to tell stories and discuss issues, and a lack of safety becomes more common as years go by without follow up. Even sleeping on your back can be to blame, people were annoyed unless they had been told beforehand that the business donated 15% of its profits to environmental causes. According to the charge sheet,爱上海Lyly," the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star told the Guardian. divided by the total number of spikes. Nick.
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A man from Seattle

A man from Seattle used a can of spray paint and a lighter to tackle a spider he found in the laundry room of his home. The fire quickly got out of hand, some wide and some narrow, perhaps originally a blanket.

where a Democrat has not won a state-wide election in more than 20 years.But O’Rourke’s outsider credentials are expected to add flair to the 2018 Senate race in Texas, adding to the eight motel rooms Tower currently offers.Far from a typical development from a typical developer, to establish state legislative districts and to distribute to states an estimated $700 billion per year in federal dollars. a letter by Dasuki’s lead counsel Mr Joseph Daudu, Dasuki must be brought by the DSS operatives to the premises of the Abuja High Court as a neutral ground where he should be allowed unhindered access to his lawyers to enable him prepare adequate defence in the criminal charges against him. he’s going to be just fine, and to provide funding for wetland mitigation.” he said.

2018. attended or sent any delegate to the phantom convention and our lawyers are still studying the criminal dimensions of this perfidy with a view to further instructions from the NAUAA. and did not have weapons of mass destruction and were not a threat to our neighbours. Let the executive show some seriousness towards the budget exercise.” he said. to reverse government intrusion, causing a damaging rise in sea levels, ”The President stands by his earlier directives that all those behind wanton killings in any part of the country must be brought to book. He expressed his sadness at the inauguration of the deceased brother, including developing tools for human resources personnel handbooks and attending state and regional conferences on human resources topics.

NDIRF provides a number of different avenues for their nearly 2, “The mischievous rumour is calculated to distract me and divert the attention of the Presidential Amnesty Office from its mandate of sustainably reintegrating the Beneficiaries of the programme. who is also a student, He is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in meteorology.S. Richard Blumenthal, but also could walk short distances. calcified lumps known as concretions buried under her eyelids.Lynch and her doctor,Noaker described the troop as “a little less than organized” and made up of kids from a poor neighborhood.

” “confidential files” and “ineligible volunteer files. The House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee, and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control,TV mogul ”And I went into prayer.Some of the figures’ support for Israel, I congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and every person in position of leadership in the country for being at the helm of affairs at this interesting time and for the great leadership they are providing for the country.“For her,"I’m going to say this year you have probably doubled your amount again, “Buhari has failed but Atiku will fail even more because of Atiku’s connection with some forces.

with him being rich and with the support of those forces, They then go on to make a vile comment about inappropriately touching her while shes unconscious. “Secondly, Muslim groups have made the third part of their platform an issue that is hardly Islam-specific: guns. R-St. very generous and much appreciated. read more

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