“If Enrique Cerezo rectifies, Cavani could still go to Atlético”

first_imgCavani’s mother stresses that “Edinson did not want money to be a problem, because if it had been for money he would have gone to Manchester United, Chelsea or Inter Miami (David Beckham Club), who made an important offer for the. Do not forget anyone that my son has an impeccable career, is a complete professional, and that the pressure he made to PSG with not playing to go out to Atlético is a stain in his career “. These words of the president of Atlético de Madrid have greatly angered the Cavani family and AS has wanted to know about Berta Gómez, mother of the charrúa, her version of what happened: “We did not understand why the president said such barbarity. It was out of place. It hurt a lot, because it is absolutely false that Walter (Edinson’s brother and agent) I asked for a signing bonus. This man what he should have done is tell his fans why Cavani really didn’t go to Atlético, and it’s because, first, the PSG did not want to let him out, and second, Atlético never reached what the PSG asked for when he later considered negotiating “. Berta Gómez defends at all costs not only Walter Fernando Guglielmone, brother and agent of Cavani, but, of course, Edinson: “My son did everything in his power to go to Atlético. He pressed without playing PSG to let him out and then transmitted to his brother that he was willing to lower his salary to facilitate his hiring for Atlético. He wanted to play with Cholo and he showed it at all times. “ “We did not understand why the president said such barbarity. It is false that Walter asked for a signing bonus” “The pressure that my son made to the PSG with not playing to go out to Atlético is a stain in his career” “Edinson is still thinking about being able to go to Atlético because he would like to play under Cholo” The question to the Uruguayan striker’s mother, after everything that happened, was straightforward: “Is it impossible for Cavani to go to Atlético de Madrid ?: “No, but the president of Atlético must apologize. We are not spiteful and everything can be fixed if he retracts what he said. My son is going to have offers, it is unquestionable, because he is a proven forward, as he has shown in all these years, but still thinking about being able to go to Atlético because he would like to play under Cholo “. “It is not impossible that Edinson could go to Atlético de Madrid in the summer, as long as the president rectifies what he said”. This is how Beat Gomez, mother of Cavani, told AS about the words of Enrique Cerezo when he was asked, after the derby, about the frustrated signing of the Uruguayan striker by the club rojiblanco: “The situation of some players with their representatives and their relatives. We are not here to be docked. “ Goal scorerCavani fulfills contract with the PSG on June 30. It will not continue and with 33 years (which turns this February 14) one of the best strikers in the world will be on the market: since he arrived in Europe in January 2007, from Danube, He has scored 339 goals (198, for now, with PSG, 104 with Naples and 37 with Palermo) in 549 official matches (294, so far, with PSG, 138 with Naples and 117 with Palermo).Despite the reflections of Cavani’s mother to AS, it seems clear that the situation of Atlético de Madrid will be different in summer, even within a few weeks when Diego Costa (fulfills contract in 2021) returns to play after recovering from hernia injury disc that suffered in early November. In addition, the rojiblanco club will pay 54 million euros in summer to Chelsea to acquire property from the Madrid striker, who arrived two years on loan with no compulsory purchase option. It seems difficult for Atlético to resume a second ‘Cavani operation’ if they follow the current two nines of the squad: Morata and Costa.last_img read more

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Gandhi Walk gathers crowds

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The annual Gandhi Walk took place this morning (September 4), starting at the temple in Azalea Drive and finishing at the SDS Temple where the Gandhi Statue is situated.Hundreds of walkers gathered at the starting point in anticipation of the 5km walk that commemorates Gandhi – the man, the legend and the icon who prioritised peace during his lifetime.Some opted for speed walking, while others had a more relaxed approach and took their time.Young and old took part, with some parents even pushing strollers.Each and every person who completed the walk received a medal and ice cream for their efforts, and for honouring the man we all know as Mahatma Gandhi. DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

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