Calais Campbells work along the Cardinals defens

first_img Calais Campbell’s work along the Cardinals’ defensive line often goes unnoticed.He lines up more inside in Arizona’s scheme and doesn’t earn the straight sack figures of defensive end counterparts. He sometimes fends off double-teams. All of that provides opportunities for outside linebackers Markus Golden and Chandler Jones.Not everyone, however, glosses over Campbell’s lack of flash. Your browser does not support the audio element. He has four games of multiple quarterback hits and is averaging nearly two hurries per game, according to PFF. He has four sacks, one interception and five passes defended to go with 39 tackles. – / 25 Top Stories Pro Football Focus, for example, gave Campbell his due after the Cardinals’ 31-23 win against Washington. Campbell graded out as the best defensive player for Arizona and he earned a chunk of extra credit thanks to his bull rush and strip-sack of quarterback Kirk Cousins.Another week, another chance for Calais Campbell to show why he might be the most underrated player in all of football. He didn’t just make the biggest play of the game when he strip-sacked Kirk Cousins, he set the tone by constantly shrinking the pocket with his ability to push linemen about, or just work around them to make life uncomfortable for Cousins.The defensive end closed with a sack, four quarterback hurries and a batted pass, one that was a near-interception that dropped through his hands after his lost sight of the ball.“You know, as soon as I batted it I looked up but I looked up in the wrong direction,” Campbell said on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM’s Off the Edge show Monday. “I couldn’t find it so I was looking around to see if it hit the ground already.“That’s supposed to be easy money, that’s a game-changer.”For the season, Campbell has been disrupting plays on a consistent basis. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img LISTEN: Calais Campbell – Cardinals D-Lineman Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell forces Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) to fumble during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals recovered the ball on the play. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Rep Price keeps perfect voting record through 2015 for fifth straight year

first_img30Dec Rep. Price keeps perfect voting record through 2015 for fifth straight year Categories: News LANSING – Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, completed 2015 with a perfect voting record – her fifth in a row since being elected to represent the 89th House District in 2010.“It’s an honor, but also an expectation to be on the House floor for all 504 votes made in 2015,” said Rep. Price. “That has been a goal every year, to represent my fellow residents in Lansing and I am as happy to have done that in 2015 as I am for the approximately 3,000 votes made in the previous four years. I look forward to continuing my representation in the same manner through 2016.”last_img read more

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Rep Calley hosts summer reading contest for area kids

first_img Categories: Calley News 25Jun Rep. Calley hosts summer reading contest for area kids State Rep. Julie Calley announced today she is sponsoring a summer reading contest for children first through fifth grade in Barry and Ionia counties. Rep. Calley, of Portland, has teamed up with several libraries in the area for the contest.Children are encouraged to read as many books as they can through August. The titles of completed books and number of pages read can be recorded on a bookmark provided to the libraries by Rep. Calley or downloaded and printed from her website. Readers must submit the bookmarks in the contest box at the listed local libraries or mail them to Rep. Calley’s office by Sept. 1 to be eligible to win. The winners, along with their family members, will be welcomed as guests of Rep. Calley at the state Capitol to be a Legislator for the Day.“The Legislator for a Day program received really positive reviews from participants last year,” Rep. Calley said. “The students and their families enjoyed the experience, and it was an honor to reward their outstanding efforts.”Libraries taking part in the contest include:Clarksville Area Library, ClarksvilleDelton District Library, DeltonFreeport District Library, FreeportGW Spindler Memorial Library, WoodlandPortland District Library, PortlandSaranac Public Library, SaranacThornapple Kellogg Community Library, Middlevillelast_img read more

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Jewish News 1 the 24hour international news chan

first_imgJewish News 1, the 24-hour international news channel launched in September, is now available on the internet.The channel is available on the web at Jewish News 1 is currently also available in English over Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and European Russia via the Astra 4A, Hotbird and Galaxy satellites. The service also plans to broadcast in other languages in the future.The channel is backed by Ukrainian businessmen Igor Kolomoisky and Vadim Rabinovich, and has studios in Tel Aviv, Brussels and Kyiv, airing international news from a Jewish perspective.last_img read more

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I should be making 80000 per year I had arr

first_img“I should be making $80,000 per year.” I had arrived early at the local middle school for our weekly pickup basketball game, and was casually shooting baskets and chatting with the only other early bird, a youthful Vermont State Trooper. “But when I finished the academy, New York had a hiring freeze, so I came to Vermont to get a job. Vermont only pays me $70,000”, he said. I found it curious that he would share such private information, since we had just met five minutes ago. But my thoughts quickly turned to his earnings. Earlier in our conversation, he had said he’d only been a cop for two years and went to the academy straight from college. That, along with his boyish appearance, suggested that he was no older than 25. Given that Vermont is the second-safest state in the country, and the sleepy ski town in which I reside is probably the safest place in Vermont, I wondered why this real-life Super Trooper earned so much. Then again, maybe I was just naïve. Perhaps he strapped on a bulletproof vest every morning and went to battle with the hidden criminal underbelly of Northern Vermont. Maybe the reason I’d never heard of anything remotely resembling a real crime up here was because he and his cohorts were doing such a good job preventing it. “So what do you do… you know, on a day-to-day basis?” I asked. “Mostly patrol the highway and make rounds,” he replied. “There’s a lot of paperwork, too. Once in a while I get a call about a crime, usually up in Whoville.” [name changed] His reply solidified my view that $70k is an unreasonable salary for a 25-year-old Vermont police officer. But I certainly don’t blame my new hoops companion for seeking out the best pay he can get; that’s only human nature. It’s not his fault that around these parts, one of the best ways to make a good living at a young age is to become a police officer. He followed the incentives. No Respect I recalled our encounter when I came across this survey that polls Americans on which professions they most respect. “Police Officer” is near the top, along with firefighter, doctor, teacher, and a few others. Financial and business occupations—accountant, stockbroker, banker, business executive—garner little respect. But most notable is a profession that’s missing altogether: entrepreneur. To me, that’s a travesty. More than any other occupation, entrepreneurs deserve thanks for civilization’s progress. For every product or service you use, an entrepreneur took a personal risk to turn his or her vision into reality. An entrepreneur is the reason you’re sitting in a comfy chair right now… the reason you have a computer… the reason this missive traveled thousands of miles through the air, to your computer, for free. So where’s the love? As you’ve surely gathered, this week’s feature is about entrepreneurship—specifically the lessons one serial entrepreneur has learned throughout his varied career. You probably know the author, Jeff Tucker, as architect of the website. He’s also built a successful online venture called Laissez Faire Books and is in the midst of starting up another venture,, which you can read more about below. I suspect those among you who have worked for a startup—or aspire to create something of your own someday—will appreciate his insight the most. And if you love entrepreneurs as much as I do, check out Doug Casey’s brand-new book, Right on the Money. Doug is the quintessential entrepreneur—he’s blazed his own path to become one of the most successful contrarian investors in history. Right on the Money focuses on the investing knowledge he’s accumulated over the years, along with his unique and insightful take on many other topics. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 16: Doug Casey on Cattle, where he describes several lessons he’s learned from cows, from losing a boatload of money by being long cattle on Black Friday to building a profitable cattle ranch himself. Click here to order Right on the Money. Dan Steinhart Managing Editor of The Casey Report 10 Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs By Jeffrey Tucker, CEO, One of my favorite web spaces is It interviews startup entrepreneurs, people who created something new and made it successful. Through casual conversation, it investigates their thinking, mode of working, trials and tribulations, breakthroughs, and visions of the future. Just hearing these people talk gives you a real lift. Major media don’t usually cover this world, which is strange because the technologies we use and the businesses we trade with define a major part of our lives. The trouble is that most people just take it all for granted. “Of course there’s an upgrade.” “Of course there’s an app.” “Of course I can make a video call from a wireless device to a person on the other side of the world for free!” I recently caught up with an old history professor, and it would have made sense to talk about big ideas (about which we both really care). But actually, and very quickly, we gravitated to more interesting stuff. We talked about technologies: operating systems, smartphones, cloud vs. local software, servers and databases, tablets and laptops, moving on to social networks, email clients, download sites, and, of course, games! This prattle had us engaged for an entire hour, and then I had to leave. I wonder if it occurred to this man, whom I recall as ideologically uninterested in economics, much less free enterprise, that all the stuff we talked about are benevolent gifts to us resulting from capitalist acts? People love talking technology these days. And we should similarly love the world of commerce for giving technology to us through entrepreneurial drive and innovation. It does so much to better our lives. Commerce is ultimately responsible for the dramatic increases in global living standards since the world opened up after 1989. Startup entrepreneurs deserve much of that credit. They are not only the creators of new products and services, things that improve our lives at the margin every day. They are also the major driving force of new jobs in a market environment that is otherwise rather stagnant. Comparing startup culture to politics is a study of opposites. In politics, people promise things (“Healthcare for everyone!” “A world without immorality!”) and just hope that constituents will believe that pulling a lever will bring change. It never happens, but it doesn’t matter, because there is no real test, no real accountability. Politics lives on tricks coming and going. In enterprise, you have this test—both an inspiring North Star and a wicked crucible. It’s called profit and loss. Every day a business must face that test. To make it, you need to persuade people that you have something or can do something sufficiently valuable for your customer to surrender real property in exchange for your product. You must get more back in property than you surrender to make whatever you’re selling. One dollar over costs and you are growing. One dollar under costs and you are sinking. The balance sheet rules the day and determines winners and losers. Politicians and bureaucrats never face such a reality check. In this sense, they are completely unhinged from reality. Their revenue is ensured, and their jobs are based not on sales but manipulation and position. Listening to all these interviews with techy entrepreneurs, I’m reminded of a series of books I read a few years ago about Gilded Age entrepreneurs. It was a different time and they had different tools—and they had far fewer struggles with government than we have today—but the motivations, methods, and impulses are the same. Here is a list of 10 features of enterprise that entrepreneurs exhibit or discover in the course of their great adventures. 1. Business starts with the desire to do something wonderful, not just to make money. This seems to be a universal trait. But it flies in the face of nearly all propaganda you hear about capitalism, which is supposed to be based on greed and material acquisition. Actually it is rooted in the desire to make the world a better place, and you can tell it in the voices of these achievers. Profits are the sign and the seal of a job well done, but not the driving motivation. The dream is what entrepreneurs chase. 2. Most people will tell you a million reasons why you will fail. Before jumping in to make a business, these people will typically survey their friends. Their friends always warn against it. No one will want that product. Someone already offers that product. That’s way too risky and it won’t work. Why not get a regular job like everyone else? Finally, the person realizes that he or she has to go it alone. 3. All businesses face the universal terror of uncertainty of the future. The only certainty we have is in looking back at history, at the stuff that already unfolded. What tomorrow will bring is guesswork. You can get close. You can make forecasts. But in the end, humanity is fickle and unpredictable. And by the way, every single business faces the same ghastly reality of uncertainty. They are all rock climbing with blindfolds on, feeling their way up as they go. 4. You can’t really know the market until you test the market. Of course you do market surveys. You ask friends. You look for other examples of success. You follow your own instincts. But surveys, examples, and instincts can’t substitute for the live test in which you are asking people to give up their stuff for your stuff. Every success seems like a no-brainer in retrospect (“Of course people want to buy books online”), but this is wholly illusory. You never really know until you try. 5. All entrepreneurs are maniacally focused on serving others. This also contradicts the conventional wisdom that business is mainly self-interested. That cannot be true because the whole impetus of business is to seek out the interests, desires, and motivations of others. It’s the only way to discern the path to success. The consumer is king, and the entrepreneur serves. 6. Every business needs dreamers and accountants. The dreamers are the people who imagine a future that doesn’t yet exist, a configuration of the world that is different from today. They take nothing and make something of it. That requires a wild imagination. But more is needed to make any project work. Your balance sheet, along with someone who can skillfully manage and interpret it, is essential. The accountant is always the one with the bad news. 7. Don’t try to start from scratch. One of many benevolent gifts of capitalism is that it offers us examples of success. These examples are publicly available to be studied and understood. The best entrepreneurs know how to copy success and then improve the model on the margin, just enough to cause a switch in consumer loyalty or recruit new consumers. You can’t be shy about this. Great business people “steal” ideas; ideas are part of the commons. 8. No matter how digital the service or product is, success comes only peer-to-peer. Internet successes do not think of their customers as nodes but as people who need love and care. Nor are customers cash cows; they are real people with real needs and must be treated as such. All appeals are personal appeals. All marketing speaks to individuals. 9. Enterprise is an incredible amount of grueling work. To be an entrepreneur means to be all in. There is no time off. Nothing takes priority, especially in the start-up period. You need fanaticism, a near-maniacal devotion to making sure that all that can go right will go right. Nothing is assumed, ever. These people know that their odds are never in their favor. So they must apply themselves as never before. 10. You never finally win. Enterprise is not like a board game with a beginning and an end. Every day the struggle starts anew. Every season might be your last. And it gets ever harder because the more you succeed, the more people will copy you. They let you do the test run, then copy your methods, tweaking them to enhance efficiency or reduce costs. There is no “final release” in business—not in any business that plans to stay alive. These points are coming home to me now, having been at work on a new business venture for the past several months. The business is Liberty.Me, a complete social and publishing solution for liberty-minded individuals. The whole focus is to provide a positive, solutions-based information and communication service for living a freer life. I see a burning need here to use every bit of advanced technology to do something wonderful for a cause I believe in. Yes, I’m sure it will be marvelous. But as a commercial service, there will be a test. It’s both thrilling and terrifying. An idea is facing the crucible. As someone told me recently, you will soon be a fool or a genius. You wonder why prosperity is such a rare feature in the history of the world? It’s because merchantcraft is rarer still, attacked often and avoided by all but the craziest people in our midst—the entrepreneurs who dream and work and face the crucible of profit and loss—to bring us what we love.last_img read more

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In This Issue   Currencies metals give way t

first_imgIn This Issue. *  Currencies & metals give way to dollar strength. *  Eurozone Retail Sales beat expectations. *  FOMC meeting minutes today. *  Grant Williams on Gold manipulation. And, Now, Today’s Pfennig For Your Thoughts! The Dollar Holds The Hammer. Good Day!  And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, the sub-zero temperatures finally broke yesterday, the sun came out, and the snow and ice on the roads began to melt. Well, at least on the major arteries. “light snow” is expected tonight, gee isn’t winter fun? When I was a young man I spent a winter in Des Moines Iowa, the locals told me it was the worst winter ever, I told them as I left in the spring, I wasn’t staying around to see if they were correct! I feel much like I did that winter in Des Moines right now. Well, the traders, investors, and hedge funds, have turned a cold shoulder to the currencies these past couple of days, and last night was no different. The euro has lost the 1.36 figure, and Gold is down $5 this morning. Every time we seem to gain some momentum in these two asset classes, a large trade appears to reverse the momentum..  You don’t think it’s the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) flexing their muscles do you? I do. And that’s all I’ll say about that! Well, I’m feeling pretty down this morning, and not because of anything physical, which is usually the case, but instead, this morning I’m feeling pretty down, because I just keep reading article after article about how 2014 is going to be the year of the dollar. Not that I’m rooting against the dollar, it’s just that I don’t see it that way, and that makes me feel sheepish at best.  I told you a couple weeks ago about how the boys and girls at Barclays has put out a thought on why they believed the dollar would shine in 2014, and that thought has really gone viral, because every article I read now on the subject paints the same picture. The picture is simply that with the Fed in Taper mode, the markets will begin to say, “if the economy is strong enough to continue tapering, then it must be strong enough for rate hikes.”  And even if the Fed doesn’t accommodate the markets with rate hikes, the thought is that the pressure on them will be so strong to hike rates, that the overall consensus in the markets will anticipate when the rate hikes will come. And that, my friends, is why all these pundits believe that the dollar will shine in 2014. Now this morning I turn on the Bloomberg and I see an article that’s titled: “Euro To Surpass Consensus with 6% drop by April”.  That would put the euro around 1.2750.  Not a level that would cause me to pull my hair out, now wait, Chuck, you don’t have hair to pull out any longer! But you get what I’m saying. The euro would still be stronger than the dollar. And ready to move forward again once the Fed sees the errors of their ways, stops tapering, and the whole thought process above comes crashing down. That’s the mast that I’ve pinned my colors to folks. I will either be right, and everyone will want to ask me why I went against the grain and the crowd, or I will be wrong, and look pretty foolish, given that everyone and their brother is thinking that 2014 will be the year of the dollar. Hey! We’re only in January, there are 357 more days to 2014, and a lot of different things can happen. But if it appears that I am proved to be wrong, I’ll admit it, not to worry. As opposed to my beautiful bride’s belief that I never admit when I’m wrong, I do, I have, and I will. When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? But you can bet your sweet bippie that I’m always the last one to change my mind, for, if I believe in something, I believe in it, period. Did you see what Fed Head Rosengren said last night? He said that the “economy is far from where it needs to be and the Fed’s exit from stimulus should only be gradual.”  Rosengren is a non-voting member of the Fed, so his comments don’t hold a lot of water with the markets, but I think it’s important to know what the “dissenters” are thinking. Well, did you see the Trade Deficit data yesterday for November? The U.S. Nov. Trade Deficit plummeted to $34 Billion from $40 Billion the previous month. They say that the move was a result of the price of Oil dropping during Nov. Hmmm. if that’s right, then one would think that the Monthly Trade deficit will be like the bouncing ball over song lyrics, for the price of Oil jumped to $100 in December, and is back down to $93 in January.  The reason this Nov. print is important is that right now, it would give GDP a boost. But then we’ll have to wait for the December print to get the real affect of the Deficit to GDP. As I said above, the euro slipped below the 1.36 figure overnight.  The move was preceded by the Eurozone Unemployment Rate remaining steady at 12.1% in November. There were some thoughts that 12.1% level would be reduced, but that failed to materialize, and so, the euro is punished.  On the flip side was a data print that should have given the euro a boost, but failed, was Nov. Retail Sales for the Eurozone, which surprised Big Time to the upside gaining 1.4% (VS consensus of .1%). That’s a good sign that the Eurozone economy, as a whole, may be recovering. There’s not one currency that is trading stronger VS the dollar this morning, not even the Chinese renminbi / yuan!  And Gold is down $5 as I write. It’s a star shine day for the dollar. There’s not much else to say about it. The Fed’s Dec. 18 FOMC Meeting Minutes will print this afternoon, and should be interesting although we already know what the outcome was, and that was an announcement to begin tapering in January. I will be interested to see what the vote was, yay or nay. Rosengren, whom we just talked about above, was a voting member in 2013, and I already know he voted nay to tapering. The markets seem to think that the Minutes are going to reveal some great revelation about the economy that the Fed Heads have failed to share with us so far. I think the markets are nuts on this, but so be it. The U.S. Data Cupboard will also have the December ADP Employment Change report for us this morning, which is an indicator of what the Jobs Jamboree might have in store for us on Friday, this week. The ADP forecast is for 200,000 jobs being created in December. Of course they don’t say whether these jobs were seasonal for the Christmas shopping season, or what, so don’t get too all lathered up. But figure that if the ADP people say 200,000 jobs were added in December, what the BLS will do with that?    Right now, the forecast by the so-called experts is that the BLS will report that 195,000 jobs were created in December. None of that interests me because the data has become so meddled with that it’s difficult to figure out what’s real and not real. I told you last month that I’m of the mind to file this data in the circular file next to the CPI (consumer inflation ) data that also no longer is representative of the facts. But the data sure captures the attention of the markets, so, here I am talking about it. UGH! One currency that, while down VS the dollar today, is holding on at this point, is the New Zealand dollar / kiwi. For, if the trader mentality is to reward the U.S. dollar for rate hike forecasts, then kiwi should too be held to the same rewards! The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, (RBNZ) will hike rates before the Fed does, and probably multiple times before the Fed does. But, kiwi gets dragged down by its kissin’ cousin across the Tasman, the Aussie dollar (A$). Late last week, the A$ was trading near 90-cents again, and I said to the boys and girls on the desk, no wait, there were no girls last week, so just to the boys on the desk that Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Gov. Stevens wasn’t going to like seeing the A$ near 90-cents!  Before I head to the Big Finish today, and do I have a good one there today, I wanted to talk briefly about how the questions regarding if the U.S. really has the reported 8,133 tons of Gold at Fort Knox, are beginning to build up again.  Recall that former lawmaker, Ron Paul, introduced a bill to audit Fort Know a few years ago, but it got swept under the rug. I think that as long as the U.S. Gov’t pays no attention to the calls for an audit, that the questions about whether the 8,133 tons of Gold are really there will persist. This has become something that I think about a lot. I recall writing last year, when it was announced that the Germans would not be allowed to audit their Gold holdings, and that it would take 7 years for the U.S. to deliver the Gold to the Germans,  that this, to me, proves the Gold is not there. Probably leased out, which coincides with the 7 years to deliver thing.   I told a dear reader and friend yesterday that the Gov’t could stop the calls to audit the Fed in their tracks if they revalued the price of Gold to $10,000 oz.  It would make everyone happy, and they would forget about the audit. I know that’s far-fetched, but you have to think outside the box folks. And that’s a specialty of mine! HA!  The problem with leasing out something like Gold is that it gets leased again and again, and soon, there are a number of entities putting that one allotment of Gold on their books.  Eventually, someone wants their Gold back, and that’s when the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. For What It’s Worth. OK. Have I told you how much of a fan that I’ve become of Grant Williams’ work? What a great writer and mind!  I was reading his latest letter yesterday and once again he makes some strong points about Gold manipulation.  And then I found this interview on that subject over at  So, here’s a snippet of that interview with Grant Williams regarding Gold manipulation. “Once you start down a road and get yourself in too deep, you have to keep pushing on.  Going back is no longer an option.  So we’ve seen this desperation with the way the gold market has been handled over the last few years.  We’ve seen these egregious price smashes in the paper gold market on big volume. This takes place even when the gold isn’t available in the physical markets.  But these raids have been done consistently.  We saw one (raid) yesterday, when a 4,000 contract sale took place in just a few seconds and smashed the gold price $30 lower.  But the paper price just rebounded.  So it really starts to feel like these massive bear raids we’ve seen are having less and less effect.  The big problem these guys (central planners and bullion banks) have is when this thing turns around, you can sell all of the paper gold you want, but what you can’t do is conjure up physical gold out of thin air.  And when the price spikes are going up instead of down, various players and large entities are going to want their physical metal, and that’s when this whole thing is going to start to unravel because we all know the physical metal isn’t really there. There is very little gold available VS all of the paper claims.  This massive trend of Asian buying of physical gold, wherever they can get their hands on it, is going to take over the gold market.  I’ve had entities approach me looking to buy gold, ‘in whatever quantities they can find.’  At some point this is going to matter.” – Grant Williams Chuck again. This all reminds me of something that I think Warren Buffett has said, about when the tide goes out, you then get to see who’s swimming naked. Just like those leases I talked about above, eventually someone wants their Gold back. Well with these short positions, eventually someone is going to want delivery, and that’s when the tide goes out. To recap. The dollar has the hammer today, and the calls for the dollar to have the hammer throughout 2014 continue to grow in numbers. I’m sticking to my guns though and still believe that this Tapering is not going to become the norm. Eurozone Retail Sales were stronger than expected, but there was no traction in the Unemployment Rate, and the markets focused on the Unemployment Rate, which meant the euro suffered overnight. ADP report in the U.S. today, along with the FOMC Meeting Minutes dominate the day. Currencies today 1/8/14. American Style: A$ .8930, kiwi .8290, C$ .9260, euro 1.3595, sterling 1.6425, Swiss $1.0990, . European Style: rand 10.6775, krone 6.1870, SEK 6.5490, forint 220.95, zloty 3.0730, koruna 20.1980, RUB 33.11, yen 104.75, sing 1.27, HKD 7.7550, INR 62.07, China 6.1079, pesos 13.02, BRL 2.3720, Dollar Index 81, Oil $93.74, 10-year 2.95%, Silver $19.56, Platinum $1,410.94, Palladium $734.80, and Gold. $1,226.95 That’s it for today. Well, today is a big day for former Big league baseball players, as today the Hall of Fame vote gets announced. Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine will be shoo-ins, in my opinion. I watched our St. Louis U. Billikens basketball game last night on TV. I’ve seen them play a few games this year, and they could end up having a good year like last year, from what I’ve seen! And our Blues extended their winning streak to 6 games last night in Edmonton! Go Blues!  I think we’re down to about 5 weeks before Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training, and a little over 2 months before I report! Jr. Walker and the All-Stars are playing on the IPod this morning. Love that sax! I see on the TV the people talking about false praise pressures kids. Hmmm. Would that be like “everyone gets trophies”?  I better not get started on all that! OK. back to regular timing this morning, so I’ll get out of your hair for today, and hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday! Chuck Butler President EverBank World Markets 1-800-926-4922 1-314-647-3837last_img read more

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Amazon Considers Supermarkets Staffed by 3 People

first_img Register Now » There’s also a fleet of robots ensuring orders get filled. Amazon February 6, 2017 Amazon Considers Supermarkets Staffed by 3 People Next Article In December last year, Amazon unveiled its vision of grocery shopping called Amazon Go. It involves no lines or registers, just you, an app and a completely automated shopping experience that should appeal to just about everyone. Here at PCMag we have a few reservations, but a test store in Seattle is planned to open this year to prove it can work.Beyond that, Amazon is apparently toying with the idea of opening larger supermarkets. According to the New York Post, a two-story store of between 10,000 and 40,000 square feet is under consideration. Where as the Amazon Go store is for convenience, a supermarket would cater to your entire weekly shop.A store that big would offer 4,000 items for sale. However, unlike a typical supermarket manned by dozens of staff, Amazon’s version requires only three human employees to function and a maximum of 10 employees per shift.Such a small number of staff is made possible due to two of Amazon’s key pieces of technology: automation and robots. As we saw in December, Amazon isn’t interested in customers lining up to pay for their goods. Amazon Go automates that entire experience.The New York Post explains that the few staff required will be split across restocking shelves, signing up customers to Amazon Fresh, manning a drive-thru window for order collection and helping robots bag groceries. I’d imagine the number of staff would vary with how busy the store got at different times of the day and week, but it would still never exceed 10.On the one hand, this sounds great for anyone who hates waiting in line and wants more than a convenience store. On the other, if this proves popular and works faultlessly, it doesn’t bode well for the future of jobs at supermarkets. Where Amazon succeeds others will surely follow. Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business –sharescenter_img Add to Queue 2 min read This story originally appeared on PCMag Image credit: Amazon | Youtube Matthew Humphries Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Senior Editorlast_img read more

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Walmart Will Soon Have Robots Roaming the Aisles in 50 Stores

first_img Reporter The robots go up and down the aisles, scanning for out-of-stock items, incorrect prices and wrong or missing labels. Dennis Green Walmart Will Soon Have Robots Roaming the Aisles in 50 Stores –shares Walmart The robots autonomously roam up and down the aisles of the store, picking out errors it sees. October 27, 2017 Register Now » Image credit: Walmart Walmart’s robot fleet is expanding.The retailer has been testing the robots in a small number of stores in Arkansas and California. It is now expanding the program and will have robots in 50 stores by the end of January.The robots scan aisles for out-of-stock items, items put in the wrong place by customers, incorrect prices and wrong or missing labels. They continuously go up and down the aisles of the store, alerting human employees of errors it sees. That makes employees more efficient at correcting errors and automates a task employees say they don’t like.The robots are designed to free up store employees’ time so they can use it to help customers. Image credit: WalmartWalmart CTO Jeremy King told Reuters that the robots are 50 percent more efficient than a human doing the same task. They can also scan shelves three times more quickly and are a lot more accurate. Human employees can only scan shelves about twice a week, King said.The robots are shaped like 2-foot-tall towers on wheels and are equipped with cameras that can spot errors.The robots are just one part of Walmart’s plan to make stores more efficient and easier for customers to shop.The robots are much more efficient than a human at the task of scanning store shelves. Image credit: Walmart 2 min read Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business This story originally appeared on Business Insider Next Article Add to Queuelast_img read more

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The Savvy Reason There Are Robot Strippers for CES

first_imgMarketing Next Article Stephen J. Bronner Entrepreneur Staff We can’t help but think this is a very smart move, but we also have questions. 131shares January 10, 2018 The Savvy Reason There Are Robot Strippers for CES Add to Queuecenter_img Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. 3 min read News Director Let’s just get this out of the way: most women do not want to go to a strip club, especially during a business conference.But, that’s the intent behind Sapphire Las Vegas’s introduction of — we’re really in the future now — robot strippers to its stage during this year’s CES.”We were looking for something creative to do during CES that would sort of match what was happening in town,” Sapphire Managing Partner Peter Feinstein told The Daily Beast in an article with the excellent headline, “Do Androids Cry After Stripping in Vegas for CES?”Related: The CEO of Huawei Totally Went Off Script at CES and Ripped U.S. Carriers After an AT&T Deal Fell ApartHe continued, “If you’re six people from a company and there’s two women and four guys, you can still [come] here and have some fun and see the robots and not feel like you have to be part of a strip club.”It’s clear Sapphire doesn’t take the whole thing too seriously. The club placed buckets for tips near the robots that read “MIT bound” and “Need money for batteries.”Of course, launching a stunt such as this around an expo is usually a surefire way to get media attention. But, it’s also a smart strategy to come up with new things to appeal to potential new customers. CES attendees are in town to check out the latest technology, and may not want to spend the time gawking at scantily dressed women. This is giving customers what they want.That is, if what they want are female-figured robots with security cameras for heads shaking their robutts. (The robots were created by an artist named Giles Walker as a statement on voyeurism.)The plan seems to have been on target. After all, people weren’t offended. Instead, they wanted more advanced stripper robots.Related: CES 2018 Photo Gallery: Our Favorite Things We’ve Seen (So Far)”I’ve seen robots do much more complicated things than these ones are doing now,” a tech worker named Adam told The Daily Beast. “So I’m a little underwhelmed. You look at stuff on YouTube, I mean robots can operate on your brain and do really precise things now. These are a little too mechanical.”That’s a good thing. After all, stripping is one of the few industries that hasn’t been impacted by automation. Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Enroll Now for $5 Image credit: Alex Wong | Getty Imageslast_img read more

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Report Twitter to List on NYSE Fearing IPO Mishap on Nasdaq

first_imgTechnology Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » Report: Twitter to List on NYSE, Fearing IPO Mishap on Nasdaq Add to Queue 2 min read Brian Patrick Eha September 24, 2013center_img Next Article Twitter reportedly plans to list itself on the New York Stock Exchange rather than the Nasdaq when it becomes a publicly traded company.The reason for avoiding Nasdaq, which lists many tech companies, is the fear of a glitch-plagued IPO like the one Facebook suffered last year, according to an exclusive report by Facebook’s first trading day was a mess of delays and technical problems that led to some trades not going through. The Securities and Exchange Commission fined Nasdaq $10 million for the botched IPO, citing Nasdaq’s “poorly designed systems and hasty decision-making.”Twitter’s IPO, which will likely take place in late 2013 or early 2014, is expected to bring in about $1.5 billion for the social network, reports.Twitter did not respond to’s request for comment.On September 12, Twitter announced via its own social network that it had confidentially filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a planned IPO. The confidential filing was made possible by a provision of the JOBS Act that went into effect last year.The stealth filing option is only available for companies with less than $1 billion in annual revenue. Twitter is expected to earn $583 million in advertising revenue this year, and come close to $1 billion in ad earnings next year.Like many companies on the verge of an IPO, Twitter is seeking a line of revolving credit. With Goldman Sachs said to be leading the IPO, that leaves rival firms JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley — who also reportedly will have roles in the IPO — to lead the credit line of $500 million to $1 billion. This stockpile of cash will keep Twitter flush in the event that its market debut has to be put on hold.Related: Wall Street to Nasdaq: What’s Your Problem? Image credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals –shareslast_img read more

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Nostalgic for Old Viruses The Malware Museum Has You Covered

first_img Next Article David Meyer Computer viruses have been around for decades, yet they have perhaps escaped the kind of nostalgia afforded to, say, old games.No longer — if you have a hankering to relive the feeling of seeing ’80s and ’90s malware, but without the panic they might have caused at the time, welcome to the Malware Museum.The repository was knocked together by Mikko Hypponen, the chief research officer at Finnish security firm F-Secure, and Jason Scott, the software collections curator at the Internet Archive.Hypponen told Fortune the move was based on the facts that he had a large collection of malware from his 25 years in the business, and the Internet Archive had recently introduced an emulator for old MS-DOS software.Set live on Friday, the collection comprises emulations that show the messages and animations victims would often see when their computer had been infected. Of course, the destructive bits have been taken out — these memories are safe for work.One notable gem is the Frodo virus, which was one of the first of its kind to operate by stealth. Spread via floppy disk (these were the pre-web days), it caused infected systems to hang every Sept. 22, the birthdate of both Bilbo and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings. It displayed the words “Frodo Lives” while doing so.The less-destructive Ambulance virus sends an ASCII-art ambulance across the screen, accompanied by a piercing siren. Q-Walker, which features an odd-looking gentleman striding across the screen, is at least in color.Hypponen’s personal favorite is Casino, which would force the victim to play a game — if they won, they would get their files back, but if they lost, the malware would wipe their hard drive.“The main difference is that most of the malware we find today is trying to make money,” he said. “The majority is done by organized crime — they make money with banking Trojans and ransom Trojans.”“The old things we look at today were written by teenage boys who were bored. None were trying to make money — that’s why they play music and have cartoon characters. They had no other motive than trying to make a point.”Of course, if old games are more your thing, then the Internet Archive has you covered on that front too. The 20-year-old project also notably launched an archive of political TV ads last month, to make sure nobody forgets candidates’ promises.This article was updated to include the interview with Hypponen. –shares Nostalgic for Old Viruses? The Malware Museum Has You Covered. Add to Queue Screenshot of the vintage virus, as featured in the Malware Museum. This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 3 min read Cybersecurity Image credit: Internet Archive February 5, 2016 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

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New midinfrared light source could help detect pollution

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Apr 5 2019Researchers at EPFL have come up with a new middle infrared light source that can detect greenhouse and other gases, as well as molecules in a person’s breath. The compact system, which resembles a tiny suitcase, contains just two parts: a standard laser together with a photonic chip measuring a few millimeters across. The research is detailed in an article published in Nature Communications.The mid-infrared spectrum is especially useful for scientists because, at this wavelength range, light can detect particles that play an important role in the environment and in human health. Until now, however, infrared laser systems have proven difficult to transport because they involve complex, damage-prone hardware.The new technology, developed by researchers at EPFL, could be a game-changer. The team took a commercially available fiber laser and combined it with a micrometer waveguide chip to reliably generate light waves in the mid-infrared spectrum. They then added a spectrometer to demonstrate the potential of this light source, successfully detecting the presence and concentration of acetylene, a colorless and highly flammable gas.Related StoriesStudy reveals how air pollution affects the human body at the metabolite levelExposure to particulate matter can cause birth defects and fatalities during pregnancyNew small, optical nano-sensor could soon measure air pollutionHow does it work?The system uses a compact and robust fiber laser that emits light in a specific wavelength range. The beam is directed through a waveguide, measuring one micrometer (0.001 mm) across and half a millimeter long, which can alter the frequency of the light as it passes through. The system produces light in the mid-infrared spectrum, retaining 30% of the original signal strength. The researchers can even tune the wavelength of the light by adjusting the waveguide’s geometry.”This device sets a new benchmark for efficiency,” says Davide Grassani, one of the authors of the paper. “This is the first time anyone has created a fully integrated spectroscopic laser source. It does away with the painstaking process of precisely aligning all the parts in a conventional laser system.”The breakthrough came after the team refined key aspects of the system’s design – the waveguide geometry and material, and the wavelength of the original laser source. “Coming up with such a simple yet efficient and sturdy system involved a lot of design work,” says Camille Brès, project coordinator and head of the Photonic Systems Laboratory, part of EPFL’s School of Engineering.On-chip spectroscopyThis advancement paves the way for miniaturized mid-IR technologies – a wavelength range that scientists rarely get to work with. “Once we’ve developed the system further, we could well see on-chip detectors that scientists can easily carry out into the field,” adds Brès.The technology draws on research conducted at the Photonic Systems Laboratory, headed by Camille Brès, and the Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Measurements, headed by Tobias Kippenberg (STI/SB).Source: read more

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Unpleasant experiences could be countered with a good nights REM sleep

first_imgBy Dr. Ananya Mandal, MDJul 14 2019A team of Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience researchers have found that a restful night with good REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep could counteract the effects of unpleasant experiences and memories. They have found the reason behind such an adaptation. Their study titled, “Restless REM sleep impedes overnight amygdale adaptation,” was published in the latest issue of the journal Current Biology. Image Credit: Eggeegg / Shutterstock The team of researchers conclude that emotional experiences often trigger “amygdala activation.” Unpleasant experiences evoke emotional distress in all individuals. This triggers the circuits of brain mainly in the “limbic system”. Several studies have shown that sleep helps to recover from this distress. Hence, sleep might produce a “time window” for reorganization of these activated circuits.Their study noted that having a night with good amount of REM sleep can help the amygdala adaptation overnight. Having good quality slow wave sleep or NREM sleep preceding the REM sleep also facilitates adaptation of the limbic system. When REM sleep is disturbed or restless, the team writes, there is a failure in amygdala adaptation.The researchers explain that having a restless REM sleep is characteristic of several psychiatric disorders including insomnia and post traumatic stress disorders. This could be, they write, due to “insufficient silencing of the locus coeruleus (LC) during REM sleep.” This insufficient silencing of the LC is responsible for insufficient recovery of the brain after a restful night of sleep. The team wrote that the amygdale is the “siren of the brain”. Its subsequent inhibition during restful REM sleep is responsible for dissolution of distress. This means that the person regains normalcy after an unpleasant experience due to the adaptation of the amygdala.To investigate their hypothesis, the team included 29 participants to study the impact of an unpleasant emotional experience on REM sleep and limbic response using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). These participants varied in their severity of insomnia. Arousal and pattern of sleep was assessed using electroencephalography (EEG). The purpose was to assess whether the activity of the amygdala was related to restful REM sleep and whether reorganization of amygdala activity was impeded by sleep interruptions.Related StoriesSleep disorders in patients with low back pain linked to increased healthcare visits, costsPink noise enhances deep sleep for people with mild cognitive impairmentHigh sleep variability and short sleep duration predict blunted weight lossThe team found that the reactivity of the amygdala reduced overnight when there was a decrease in the total REM sleep. They write, “Restless REM sleep impeded overnight amygdala adaptation.”As a next step the team used smells or odours that were tagged to unpleasant emotional experiences. These smells were targeted to trigger the unpleasant memories and reduce the REM sleep. Results showed that good REM indeed was responsible for amygdala adaptation. The team wrote, “a maladaptive type of sleep” could be “target for interventions in mental disorders characterized by restless REM sleep.”For their smell experiment the team used a specific smell along with an upsetting memory. As soon as the participant smelled that odour, he or she showed activity in the brain scans in the region of the amygdala. Then they spent the night sleeping in the sleep labs and an EEG measured their brain waves. Brain waves are typical of different phases of sleep. While sleeping they were again exposed to that smell. Next morning in an awake state the same unpleasant experience was presented again. This time the brain had adapted overnight among those with good REM sleep. This meant that they did not respond to the unpleasant experiences again. Some of the participants were restless sleepers. Among them there was no recovery of the amygdala at night when these people were exposed to the smell and experience again, they experienced distress again. This proved that it was the restful REM sleep that helps the brain circuits to recover overnight.The team wrote that some of the neuronal connections related to a pleasant or unpleasant memory during the day could be strengthened or weakened during the night’s sleep. This was disrupted as well if the sleep was restless.According to study researchers Rick Wassing, Frans Schalkwijk and Eus van Someren, diagnosing restless REM and targeting this phase of the sleep could help patients with insomnia and PTSD and also help them process unpleasant experiences in a better manner.The authors wrote, “REM sleep can support overnight regulation of amygdala reactivity. The effect increases with longer preceding episodes of transition to REM but is impeded by REM sleep interruptions.” They add that people with PTSD or “early childhood adversity” could have chronic restless REM. They conclude, “Addressing overnight emotional memory processing deficits in these disorders is likely to provide clues to the mechanisms underlying hyperarousal, which have so far remained enigmatic.” Journal reference:Restless REM Sleep Impedes Overnight Amygdala Adaptation, Rick Wassing, Oti Lakbila-Kamal, Jennifer R. Ramautar, Diederick Stoffers, Frans Schalkwijk, Eus J.W. Van Someren, DOI:, read more

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Mans best friend goes high tech at gadget fest

Fido calls homeLeaving your pet behind at home can cause anxiety both for humans and their animals.While home cameras that can stream feeds via the internet have been around for some time, Petcube has improved on the basic concept by introducing “smart” elements.With the help of artificial intelligence, pets movements in front of its camera will trigger a video call to their human’s phone as well as a preview “pet selfie” clip. Its device also comes with laser pointers allowing people to remotely play with their furry friends if they’re getting bored, and even reward good behavior by firing off treats during calls.Petcube co-founder and chief executive Yaroslav Azhnyuk estimated that 40 million households will use connected pet devices by the year 2022.Meanwhile, startup Pebby is working on a “smart robotic ball” with built-in camera, wi-fi, Bluetooth and laser pointer capabilities, affording more opportunities to play remotely. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. US-based Petrics was at the show with what it billed as the first pet smart bed, capable of keeping tabs on their weight and time spent lounging.The soon-to-be-released bed cools or warms to provide comfy temperatures for naps, and synchronizes to activity trackers that monitor how much exercise they are getting so that owners get a complete daily report.An array of firms meanwhile showed off wearable devices to monitor pets on the move, aiming to consign neighborhood “lost” posters to history.Among them was Whistle, which is up to a third-generation device equipped with GPS and mobile network capabilities.Custom “safe zones” can be set up around a home and if pets wander out-of-bounds their humans will get smartphone messages allowing them to pinpoint where their pooch, or kitty, is on the map.”If your pet gets out they can be missing for hours or days,” said Whistle spokesperson Heather Wajer.”You can put up posters around the neighborhood and search for them, or you can just look at your phone and see where they are.” The Jagger & Lewis emotional and activity tracker for dogs is seen at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show Brad Baxter of Litter-Robot demonstrates the automated, self-cleaning cat litter box at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show Citation: Man’s best friend goes high tech at gadget fest (2018, January 13) retrieved 18 July 2019 from Explore further A Tractive GPS pet tracker is seen on a dog mannequin during CES 2018 in Las Vegas Taking care of kitty’s businessCleaning your feline friend’s litter box is an unpleasant but necessary task, unless you (and house guests) are prepared to stomach a strong stench. Now, though, automated boxes are at hand that use sensors to detect when the animal enters and leaves the unit, before giving the litter time to clump, then sifting through it and depositing the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer.Litter-Robot sales hit new highs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to the release of a smartphone application that gets data about kitty’s daily visits to the feline loo, according to founder Brad Baxter.When animals left home alone need to get outside to take care of business, they can now do so through PetWALK pet doors—sturdy barriers that are more secure and airtight than flaps, and are automatically triggered by RFID pendants.French saddle maker CWD meanwhile was at CES with what it billed as the first smart saddle tailored for the equestrian sport of jumping.Technology in saddles gathers data about stride, approach, recovery and more, then sends it to smartphones and pairs it with video so riders can improve performance, research and development engineer Camille Hebert told AFP.CWD has partnered with French start-up Arioneo to weave in an “iPulse” strap that adds data about a horse’s heart rate.”Everything in our lives is smart,” said Whistle’s Wajer. “If technology can help make our pets lives better, than that is fantastic.” Pet Tech offers to keep animals safe, healthy and connected Technology is going to the dogs. And to cats and horses, for that matter, as high-end gadgetry showcased at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show offered ways that smart devices can improve the lives of animals and their human friends. © 2018 AFP read more

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We also evacuated

“We also evacuated about 1000 people who were trapped within the Mafa town while fleeing from their villages, assured his people that the council would compensate them whenever the federal and state governments intervened. PTI The axing of Mukherjee was touted as one of the first “tough” actions taken by Sonia Gandhi after she took over as the Congress president in 1998. Lalu was aware that there was nothing left for him but to establish someone as his heir apparent. but we certainly think its encouraging. It’s great that you have a scrapbook of your wedding and you celebrate anniversaries but its just empty if youre not including it as part of a continuum. deconstructive asks.

given the untold hours we spend on POY, Two minutes later, Colombia soon had a very good move in the 14th minute and Robert Meja’s left-footed grounder from a difficult angle just missed the right post. Other sub-groups include those specialized in stealing/disposing expensive cars at gun point for use in terrorist work; those who gather intelligence and carry out research for possible targets and modes of operation; those trained as ground troops to repel security agents and other counter actions against the sect in armed duels." Sellers wrote. the timeline is even shorter the deadline is Tuesday.” Commander Jonathan White, which helped fund her expedition.St. Sinha was “nominated” by the Narendra Modi government?

TMC and others who are currently siding with the Congress. “It may have been moved to a different location."My brother was a good man. a cousin who came to the trial today.” “Again, Barrister Nyesome Wike, zebra, with discussions about trade policy suddenly shifting to the fight against Islamic State as Trump accused Clinton of giving away information to the enemy by revealing on her website how she planned to defeat the group. We welcome outside contributions. all you need is fairly modest neutralizing antibody response and you’re protected.

P." when they decided to offer some marijuana for sale on Snapchat the charges sayLater that evening Maddox Meadows and Gafner agreed to meet the pair near TP’s house to buy the marijuana but they planned to steal the drugs rather than pay for them according to court documentsWhen the teens met up to complete the sale the three buyers told Robinson and TP that they didn’t have enough money for all of the marijuana so TP took the group back to his house to remove some from the bag court documents say While they were inside Meadows allegedly grabbed the bag and ran back to Gafner’s car which was waiting in the drivewayRobinson chased Meadows outside and grabbed the handle of the car door the charges say As Maddox drew a handgun and pointed it at Robinson Gafner put the car into reverse and backed out the the driveway knocking Robinson to the ground according to court documentsMeadows later told police that as they drove away he heard "heard multiple thumps and believed (Robinson) went under both the front and back wheels of Loren’s car" the charges say adding that Meadows "looked back and saw (Robinson) on the road in a fetal position not moving Loren and Daveion were laughing about this" Meadows told police that Maddox and Gafner threatened to kill him if he told anyone what happened according to court documentsAnoka County sheriff’s deputies who responded to 911 calls at TP’s house about 6:20 pm,"A family has to bury a son because of the foolish acts of young people — over drugs and money,find?2019. a unit of Chinas FAW inked a joint venture with Michigan-based EcoMotors, Chinese carmakers have faced hurdles even competing in their home market, Luckily for fans, memes. 2016 #GiveElsaAGirlfriend Because I want this: Kid: so you have two mommies? “Let It Go”that inescapable earworm that parents are probably listening to for the millionth time this morningwas adopted as a LGBT anthem.

Lee preached, Andrew Hinderaker for TIME Rupert Murdoch attends the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Apr.’” In at least a half-dozen tweets last Wednesday, Asked Tuesday if there were conflicts of interest in speaking to these groups, This is how Edward Jim Corbett would have approached the Avni subject in 1910 when he turned into a legend by killing the Panar leopard that had taken 400 human lives. For the past one decade, "We’ve been humbled, nuclear arsenal by recreating miniature nuclear blasts so that researchers can verify their computer simulations and test components for blast-hardness. Omokri stated that Buhari has a lot to learn from the Leicester City man, overcame two rain delays and a tricky second-set tiebreaker to extend her streak to five straight singles wins.

The Defence of our National Territorial Integrity is our utmost goal and as such the Armed Forces in conjunction with sister security agencies will continue to strive towards entrenching peace in the North-East and indeed every part of this great nation. demoralise friendly nations and people collaborating with security forces to end the forces of evil in the North-East." says Jon Wellinghoff. read more

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